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Valuev will revenge for brothers of Klichko

During a duel against David Heja at Nikolay Valueva there will be no more devoted fans, rather than brothers of Klichko. The British in a short space of time became the personal enemy of the Ukrainian clan.

to achieve a duel with brothers (action the extremely favourable - their rivals receive fees in $2 - 3 million), Hej has led as the ingenious provoker. At first he has presented to Vitaly the popular illustrated magazine the collage where Hej had control over Vladimir Klichko`s torn off head became which main ornament. Vitaly has flared up and hardly did not knock out Heja directly on a place. For the right to fill a physiognomy to the impudent fellow brothers hardly have not quarrelled and as a result have solved dispute, having thrown in air a coin. Has carried to Vladimir. Hej has added fuel to the fire, flaunting on predmatchevoj a press - conferences in a T-shirt with a scandalous picture where had control over the torn off heads already two brothers of Klichko. However then the British rowdy, having referred to a trauma, has refused a duel with Klichko - younger. And when satisfaction Vitaly has demanded, Hej, without having reddened, has again crawfished.

Preparing for a duel with Valuevym, the English prattler did not begin to change to traditions and has torn off a head to Nikolay Valueva`s cardboard dummy - it has been established on joint a press - conferences. Nikolay has promised that to revilings will respond on a ring. In the general opinion, Hej becomes an easy mark for our giant: too the difference in dimensions is obvious. The Englishman spends only the second duel within the limits of a super heavyweight - before it became the world champion in the first heavy weight (to 91 kg). And it never typed more than 98 kg. Valuev it is heavier than the opponent almost on 50 kg.

Apparently, Nikolay is assured of victory. Not without reason he has invited to fight to Nuremberg wife Galina with son Grishej and a daughter Irina. And after a duel has already booked tickets to London. Together with the spouse he is going to visit matches capital the Arsenal and to communicate to the old Petersburg companion Andrey Arshavinym.


Nikolay VALUEV was born on August, 21st, 1973 in Leningrad. Growth - 213 sm, weight - 145 kg. Nicknames: the Beast from the East, the Iron Curtain, the Russian Giant. Career: has spent 52 fights, from them 50 has won, 1 has lost and 1 duel has been recognised by not taken place. The operating champion under version WBA in heavy weight (over 91 kg).

David HEJ was born on October, 13th, 1980 in London. A nickname: Strong Blow. Growth - 191 sm, weight - 98 kg. Career: has spent 23 fights, 22 has won (21 knockout), 1 fight has lost. The world champion under versions WBC, WBO in the first heavy weight (to 91 kg).

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