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Ivan Demidov has moved in a policy, and Elena Ishcheeva - in αθηνεc

Telestars change a field of activity for various reasons. Someone does it necessarily: transfer was closed, and in another have not called. To someone - to think only! - the television to death has bothered. It wanted to throw all and from zero to be engaged in something serious. A policy, for example. To take the same Ivan Demidov. It conducted in 90 - h megapopular “ Muses - a wagon train “. And still guessed: and that it it is constant in sun glasses? Perhaps at it a photophobia? Or with sight disagreement? Or it is simple for a mysteriousness dense forest?

Elena Ishcheeva has left from the screen, but has opened the TV channel on the Internet!

By the way, Ivan began the career by the simple lighter on Gosteleradio. Also has gradually promoted to a supervising post - has headed nonexistent now TV channel “ TV - 6 Moscow “. By the way, Demidov was one of founders of a broadcasting company “ the Kind “ and in 2005 - the m has opened the orthodox channel “ Has rescued “. Ivan endlessly thought out new transfers and arranged various festivals. And then - bats! - also has said goodbye to television at own will. But the habit to base something at it remained! And it became souchreditelem Fund of development of reforms of a name of Peter Stolypina. Here its policy - that also has carried away! At first Demidov has moved in LDPR to Zhirinovsky. Then it have enticed in “ an United Russia “ where it supervised over ideological management and was engaged in work with youth. One year ago Ivan Demidov has been appointed by the chief of one of departments of Management of the President of the Russian Federation on internal policy. And in May of current year   became the responsible secretary of the commission on counteraction of falsification of history to the detriment of interests of Russia.

Igor Ugolnikov (“ Both is on! “ “ the Corner - show “ “ Good evening “ and etc.) Now too half the politician: it is the chairman of the telebroadcasting organisation of the Union of Russia and Belarus.  

the Olympic champion on synchronous swimming Maria Kiselyov (eks - the leader of sports programs of NTV and show “ the Weak link “ on the First channel) has exchanged television for a cinema. She has played I Cook Ivolginu in a serial “ the Idiot “ and a member of the military court in “ Paragraph 78 “.

And here Elena Ishcheeva, having quarrelled with the sovedushchej under the program “ dominoes Principle “ Elena Hangoj, at first was engaged in writing: from - under its feather there was a book “ Life on the verge of TV “ where it, by the way, propesochila Hangu. And now there was a business - the lady. Ishcheeva the Internet - a portal devoted to bank activity is the shareholder. It is the family business based by the husband of Elena. She is proud of that in its submission already 50 employees. She has trained in their bases of telejournalism, and now on a portal they do online - television.

Anfisa Chekhov, remained without transfer about sex on TNT, has promptly rushed into show - business. It has resolved to become the singer. Together with two popular DJs Michael Vegerovym and Dmitry Fedorovym has written down a composition in style r - n - b under the name “ Mother! “. Words to a song of Anfisa has composed itself. And there, by the way, it is sung at all about mum... Chekhov already and a clip has removed, in which one of roles has got to known politician Alexey Mitrofanovu.