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New turn in the Lefortovsky tunnel

On Sunday with approach of frosts in the Lefortovsky tunnel has happened failure. In the longest tunnel of capital the computer program " has failed; Automatic management system ventilating systems (ASUVS) which operates tens fans overtaking in hour of one and a half million of cubic metre of air.

- Employees of change on duty, having surveyed each fan, have established that the reason was short circuit which has called a leak, - the chief engineer of a site " has told; Gormosta Lefortovo Victor Graf. -   after all we are under Jauzoj, and leakings occur even more often. Glitches not only ASUVS, the system of video observation and the security fire alarm system periodically goes mad.

If in due time not to eliminate failure in program ASUVS, in a tunnel it becomes difficult to breathe. Drivers, having pleased even in a small stopper, can start to faint. In what it can result in a narrow tunnel,   even on insignificant speed, - it is terrible to assume. It is clear that such supernumerary situations should dare operatively. And class experts who should have all conditions are for this purpose necessary.

On Sunday the automatic management system ventilating systems has failed
the Photo: Alexander SMARTLY

that such conditions are not present, was convinced the correspondent, having visited a tunnel on the eve of it birthday (on December, 5th to it it is executed six years). In this time a tunnel from - for numerous emergencies which are created by reckless drivers, from an easy hand of journalists have nicknamed expensive death . But it by right is considered one of the most reliable in the world. It is equipped by systems of video observation of fasts of traffic police and Gormosta systems of suppression of fire and dymoudalenija. Through each 80 metres emergency exits on a case of failures are arranged.

And all would be good, if 160 employees of the Lefortovsky tunnel had not to work in Spartan conditions. They repair technics on snow, and are on duty and have a rest in insanitary conditions - in building carriages, which   are not adapted not only for a normal life, but also for repair of expensive modern technics by which the three-kilometre tunnel is literally larded.

40 persons of change on duty daily huddle In iron carriages. Cold premises of the hard worker warm with conditioners, equip, as can. Someone from a dump has dragged the thrown out sofa, another has made five chairs to unbend a back and to lie down. Neither locker rooms, nor buffet, meal in house thermoses...

to Have a rest worker it is necessary in a building carriage
the Photo: Alexander SMARTLY

Tens harvesters and wreckers which take away emergency cars and wash a tunnel belly, stand open-air. Under one of them on asphalt the driver writhes. He tries to twirl a nut, but the key does not obey the grown numb fingers.

- When on December, 5th, 2003 on a tunnel the first cars have moved, to us promised to construct two buildings, - Victor Graf has told. - one for the administration, the second - for change on duty and warehouse with garage. There is in this respect a project and the order of the mayor of capital from December, 1st, 2005. But, as you can see, anything till now it is not constructed. Where our beautiful cases and garages which were in the project? Similar are constructed for Zvenigorodsky, Gagarinsky and the Leningrad tunnels. To us respond that our documents till now on examination.

Under the project to workers of a tunnel should construct beautiful cottages and garages
the Photo: Alexander SMARTLY

the Administration of strategic object should go all out to find 25 000 roubles a month for the salary of electricians, engineers, sanitary technicians and yard keepers.

- the Problem in that, - explains Victor Graf, - that we cannot employ Tadjiks or Uzbeks. It is possible to take for work only Russians   with experience which had no previous conviction. After all object not idle time - strategic. At us even the yard keeper should have the crystal biography and industrial reputation. Recently have found and have employed two Muscovites - slabotochnikov. And they have looked two days at working conditions and have given up as a bad job. Have left, without having asked calculation. While hardly it is possible to find labour in the next areas. People pass check, master specialities, learn a work site, and then run.

the Technics costs open-air
the Photo: Alexander SMARTLY

the Separate subject - repair of exhaust fans, pumps and an other stuffing of a tunnel. They cannot be served open-air! To disassemble the fan in length five and radius more than metre, we should pull an awning from a rain and snow. Certainly, it is possible to replace the emergency fan. But spare six years are stored in metal containers open-air so, and they are time for assorting and cleaning already.

- the Misfortune not only with computer programs, gauges and videocameras. To serve vodootlivnye pumps and ilososy which pump out water from a tunnel it is possible only in warm premises, - Victor Graf explains. - and all of us do on asphalt in snow, under an awning. At us huge labour losses on health. What class expert will sustain similar working conditions? How to follow set of videocameras, bulbs, which in tunnels more than 13 500 pieces when engineers leave on the hospital?

the Spartan life tonnelshchikov
the Photo: Alexander SMARTLY

it is clear that technically difficult object asks careful and professional service, and engineers and yard keepers - human conditions for work. You would give a new foreign car for maintenance service to the tractor operator in an open country? In that is continually. There there are no conditions for repair and   it there and then will ruin. And here the such occurs to much more expensive objects. Contrary to everything, the Lefortovsky tunnel in cost more than semibillion dollars is served six years literally on a naked knee.