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5 main causes of death

Thus scientists are named confirm: many cases of premature death can be prevented! And, moreover, to increase life expectancy for five years, if to eliminate these 5 factors. So, the most frequent reasons of death rate in the world:

1. Deficiency of weight of a body at children.

2. Not protected sex.

3. Alcohol intake, drugs and tobacco.

4. The polluted potable water, absence of sanitary and hygiene.

5. A high blood pressure.

All in the scale report the CART Global risk factors for health 24 factors having real influence on our state of health are described.

Kolin MEJTERS, the co-ordinator the CART concerning death rate and burden of illnesses:

- More than thirds of global cases of children`s death rate are connected with a food. It and deficiency of weight of a body of children, and inadequate chest feeding, and deficiency of zinc.

Also in the report 8 proved risk factors of an ischemic heart trouble which now became a death principal cause all over the world among adults are published. To irreversible heart troubles and vessels conduct:

- abusing alcohol;

- the high maintenance of sugar in blood;

- the tobacco use;

- the raised arterial pressure;

- excessive weight of a body;

- cholesterol high level;

- a lack of food of fruit and vegetables;

- low physical activity - gipodinamija.