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Fresh juice not is useful to all

the Australian scientists under the direction of professor Rossa Butler from University of South Australia (Sydney) has proved that fresh fruit juice on a broader scale is counter-indicative to many people! And these people at all do not suspect that suffer affliction illness fructose malabsorbers (that is the intolerance of fructose), informs AMI - TASS. Professor BUTLER has listed disturbing symptoms of this problem:

- Usually a pain in a stomach, the stomach swelling, a diarrhoeia can be shown even after the use of a glass of fruit juice. Also has put here at all as a product, and in inability of an organism to overwork the natural sugar containing in juice. One of most artful apple juice is thus recognised.

During research physicians have steadfastly studied symptoms and diagnoses of several thousand children and adults which were converted with complaints to digestive system. At 80 % of kids about 1 year is elderly and the intolerance of fructose is found out in 40 % of children from 1 till 6 years. Same there was a true diagnosis more than 30 % of teenagers till 16 years and adults.

Professor Butler also has noticed that the intolerance of fructose can be a principal cause of development of a syndrome of angry intestines which, on the statistican, is at every fifth inhabitant of Australia.


the Dietician Svetlana CAREFUL advises to concern fruit juice with care at different diseases:

- Grape - it is counter-indicative at a diabetes, a stomach ulcer, adiposity and kolitah. Grape juice accelerates caries development, after it it is quite good to rinse a mouth a baking soda solution.

- Cherry - at an ulcer, a gastritis with the raised acidity and kolitah.

- Pear - it is counter-indicative at an ulcer and gastritises.

- Tomato - at zhelchnokamennoj illnesses, problems with intestines.

- Carrot - at an allergy, illnesses of a liver.

- Beet - at infringements of a metabolism, urolithic illness.