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Poverty not to the person to our city

And after all it for our city - the person not the stranger. Northern capital - its native land.

Here and today live and people who well know Miller work. One of them - its teacher, rector Sankt - the Petersburg institute of management and the right, a member-correspondent of the Russian academy of natural sciences, professor Vladimir Dezhkin. To this dear person the correspondent has decided to set some questions on a burning topic stirring many Petersburgers.

- Vladimir Nikolaevich how you estimate a new idea of your former pupil?

- Alexey Miller in certain degree really my pupil, and I very well know it. He/she is the clever person, the good organizer. But the most important thing - he loves Petersburg the same as also we. Today I support idea of building Okhta of the centre Relying not on the position, and on Miller`s position to which entirely I trust in this question. Tell that bad what people put up money in improvement and upgrade of the started district?!

- Well and besides upgrade of area of Okhta, what else pluses are at this project?

- I am fine familiar with the situation which has developed in Krasnogvardejsky area. Rich it you will not name. This part of Petersburg looks today even worse, than during Petrovsky times. Then here at least wood was, and now   god knows that is created. Improvements are simply necessary! This shabby poverty for a long time already not to the person to our beautiful city. There   as far as I understand, not only a tower will construct, but also round it the perfect infrastructure with social and sports objects, shops, restaurants will be created. And that, to a word speaking, there and to eat - that now there is no place. One   only restaurant decent on all area. I and itself with pleasure would help organizers Okhta of the centre because I want, that my city developed in all senses of this word.

- But after all not all for the present support future building. What do you think of arguments of opponents of the project?

- I do not participate for a long time already in internal policy, but nevertheless I will tell: to people who on a broader scale understand nothing in modern architecture, it is not necessary to climb in conversations on it. It is simply silly. Besides oppositionists, seemingly, at all do not understand that building Okhta of the centre will bring in a city the big money. In a type of tax. And on them, by the way, it will be possible to be engaged including in reconstruction of those city buildings for which it is necessary. Only the limited people can not want the obvious blessing for the city.