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Our people go by a taxi not only in a bakery

the Sober driver

This service is given by almost all firms. If you have touched strong drinks, and do not risk to get into the car, can call in a taxi and ask, that the car have overtaken for you.

to Deliver to the house you and your car will manage nedeshevo. The standard tariff rate for kilometre will increase on the average twice. There are services which do not waste time on trifles at all, and break for this service floor price - 1500 roubles.

But there is here one subtlety. In the event that at you the open insurance sits down for a wheel of yours the car any person can. And then you can easy use service the sober driver . But there is also other type of the insurance - much more widespread. It when is entered in the document the limited number of persons (for example, only you and your wife). Then and rulit the specified people can only. And if in that case the driver of your car tormoznet the inspector of traffic police be assured - will fine the driver on 300 roubles. But it is necessary to pay all the same to you.

However, situations are possible and is more serious.

- If there will be a road accident, responsibility will be born by that person who was at the wheel irrespective of, it is entered in the insurance or not, - the head of regional branch of committee on protection of the rights of motorists Alexander Holodov has explained to us.

the Social taxi

This service for invalids. At registration of the order you should name the surname, a name and a patronymic that you have checked up on a database - a leah you fall under a category of persons which have the right to this service.

Use it following citizens can:

- the invalids having the indications to maintenance of means of rehabilitation in the form of wheelchairs, crutches, canes, support

- invalids of I group or III OST

- visually impaired persons of I group or III OST

- invalids of the Great Patriotic War

- children - invalids from seven till eighteen years, having indications to maintenance of means of rehabilitation in the form of wheelchairs, crutches, canes, a support

- children - invalids till seven years (irrespective of medical indications)

- children - visually impaired persons till eighteen years.

How much is:

three roubles for kilometre.

Where to be converted:

dispatching service of a social taxi - (812 576 - 03 - 00

to Do the order it is better some days before a prospective trip. Orders are accepted daily with 08. 30 to 16. 30, except Saturday and Sunday.

to call as a taxi now it is possible even an armored car

For the aid to parents

If you have no time to bring the child from school on a circle of drawing in the middle of the working day, can call for this business of a taxi. With you will conclude the contract, in it the route, trip time in detail makes a reservation, the person who passes the driver - the woman of the child is underlined. At the moment of landing and disembarkation of your son or a daughter, you are called by the dispatcher and informs of it. During a trip the small child can listen to fairy tales and songs, or to play a soft toy. To children is more senior will suggest to honour the book. It is necessary if to carry several children, in the car will establish additional children`s armchairs.

How much is: 35 roubles for kilometre. If the child do not meet at the car, the driver will finish it to a proper place, in that case the trip will manage on hundred roubles more expensively. The minimum order - 300 roubles.

Where to be converted:

Ladybird - ((812 900 - 05 - 04.

to Lovers of shopping

According to your desire the woman - the driver can accompany you on shops and help with a choice of the goods. The role is played in the present state of affairs by the psychological factor - the extraneous person will not impose to you what to buy.

How much is: 35 roubles for kilometre. Minute of expectation - seven roubles. Advice in a choice of purchases - it is free.

Where to be converted:

Ladybird - (812 900 - 05 - 04.

On an armored car behind exotic

to call as a taxi now it is possible even an armored car. But to plan trips on military technology it is desirable in advance - the order is made out for a week.

How much is: 15 thousand roubles at an o`clock - on a city, behind its limits -

7 thousand.

Where to be converted:

Military style tour - (812 982 - 44 - 75.

Delivery of the goods

you list by phone to the dispatcher that it is necessary to buy. The taxi driver himself buys the goods, brings it with home delivery. Also gives you the check from shop. You pay it and delivery cost. It pays off as follows: if the weight of purchase does not exceed five kg service will manage in 450 roubles. If the bag is heavier, for each subsequent kg take fifty roubles from above.

Where to be converted:

Expert Taksi - (812 400 - 24 - 00.

the Taxi with access to the Internet

How much is: 30 roubles for kilometre. Access to a network the free. Agreeing about the order consider, what not each car is equipped by access to a network, inform the dispatcher that the car with Wi - fi - the modem is necessary to you.

Where to be converted:

the Taxi - the Suite - (812 333 - 32 - 33.

it is better to go for a drive On a motor-taxi in the summer - so, anyway, more warmly

On a motorcycle with a breeze

Petersburg after Moscow and London has got the service of a motor-taxi. For two-wheeled transport of stoppers does not exist. Therefore the trip on a motorcycle can gain those who always hurries and is late. For security of passengers on each motorcycle the terminator of speed - 70 kilometres per hour is established. Before the beginning of a trip the driver will give out to you we send. But remember: in - the first, with the big luggage on a motorcycle not to go in, and, in - the second, with approach of colds to go for a drive on an iron game not too comfortably.

How much is:

1500 roubles at an o`clock.

Where to be converted:

Gold - Line - (812 715 - 28 - 87.

For passengers having a tail

That without superfluous efforts to reach with the four-footed favourite to veterinary clinic, it is not necessary to persuade the driver: you do not worry, my doggie very accurate. It in salon will not do anything . In a city there is a taxi service specialising on transportation of animals. Small pickups are intended just for transportation of animals. You can sit in a cabin with the driver, and can - with the favourite in the separate compartment equipped with a special folding chair.

After each order the car passes disinfection. So the infection which has remained from previous the passenger your favourite will not pick up.

to Send an animal in a trip it is possible even without the owner, under condition of absolute advance payment and that in destination of the pupil will be to whom to meet.

How much is:

35 roubles for kilometre. Expectation - 100 roubles at an o`clock.

the Minimum order - 400 roubles.

Where to be converted:

the Zootaxi - (812 932 - 69 - 23

- you me though on the world`s end carry, only one do not leave


visually to show to our readers disorder of the prices, we have chosen five routes, familiar to each Petersburger:

- from Senna of the area to the airport Pulkovo - 1 - 580 roubles

- from the Moscow station to Kupchino - 370 roubles

- from Ozerkov to the Maryinsky Theater - 490 roubles

- from Okhta to a zoo - 350 roubles

- c the Petrograd party to Pushkin - 1210 roubles.


What to do if has got nasty or were shortchanged by the driver

In each car there should be a tablet containing the following data: a surname, a name of the driver and company phone. And if you remained are dissatisfied with service, write down all data and be converted with the claim into firm - a carrier. If therefrom reactions has not followed, it is possible to be converted in Rospotrebnadzor.

the Address: street Stremjannaja, 19.

Phones: (812 764 - 42 - 38, 764 - 49 - 74


In the car it is possible to sit down and on parking

They are to following addresses.

- avenue of Cosmonauts, 17

- a corner of the Moscow avenue, 19 and street Tipanova

- crossing of square of Chernyshevsky and Moscow avenue, 161

- avenue Gagarin, 8 (at SKK Petersburg )

- Star street, 8

- the Moscow avenue (at the m. item the Electric power )

- National street, 9

- Zanevsky avenue, 35

- Sredneohtinsky avenue, 49

- Bolsheohtinsky avenue, 31

- avenue of Strikes (at the m. item Narva )

- Lenin avenue, 130 (at the m. item Lenin avenue )

- a corner of the Riga avenue, 4 and Lermontovsky avenue

- the Moscow avenue, 65 (at factory Petmol )

- avenue of Engels, 62

- avenue of Engels, 113

- avenue of Engels, 128

- street of Ship builders, 14 (at hostel Baltic )

- the Ural street, 33

- a corner of Suvorovsky avenue and Hospital ul

- Taurian street, 37.