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10 ways how not to catch a pork flu

In Ukraine now officially epidemic of a pork flu rages. Galimsky
was the chief specialist of department of infectious socially dangerous illnesses of Ministry of Health of Ukraine in 2005 - 2007.

1. the Pork flu, as well as all infections of respiratory ways, is passed on distance to two metres at speed of movement of air less than 0,2 metres per second. That is in the closed premises. The main rule - to avoid abiding in the closed premises where bad ventilation is a lot of the people and simultaneously.

2. Whenever possible try to get vegetables, fruit and manufactured goods in the street markets, instead of in shop.

3. Avoid the overflowed buses and minibuses. It is better to pass some stops on foot. From all kinds of public transport choose the underground - it is well ventilated.

4. If you work at the closed office, try to be constantly on distance more than two metres from each other. Air a premise is more often. Provide constant, hardly notable draught, an air flow in a premise.

5. If to you visitors regularly come to office - air a premise after each of them. Be out of a zone of breath of the visitor. Settle down so that yours a mouth and a nose were not on one line with his face.
6. be not masked in the street! In the open air respiratory infections are not passed. When the person has an obstacle for natural breath - a mask, - he instinctively starts to breathe through the mouth. From - for intensive breath the mask starts to adjoin to the person leaky, cracks are formed, air along the edges starts to arrive. In such bandage the person comes, for example, into the bus. There the stream of air is not present. And the person starts to inhale microbes through cracks in a mask. Moreover, the person continues to breathe through the mouth, and through a mouth microbes get much more deeply, than through a nose.
a disposable mask put on before an input in not ventilated premise. It can be used continuously within two hours.
7. Regularly wash hands with soap.
8. wear glasses! They will prevent infection hit on mucous eyes, and in a consequence - in a nasopharynx.
9. Eat more vegetables and fruit. Accept askorbinku.
10. If you feel chilled or feel an indisposition, do not go for work or study. Remain at home and call the doctor.

Even if you are sick at all of a flu, and usual cold, it is better to spend 2 - 3 days of the house and to receive medical treatment. Therefore as cold to a flu - at all a hindrance, and very much even to the contrary - the good assistant. Right after transferred cold or during it a flu to pick up easier, and it will proceed much more hard.