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At Diana Gurtsky`s son suspected a pork flu

the Whole world now it is captured by a panic from - for the pork flu which has cleared up outright. In mass-media terrifying figures - a death toll from a killing infection continually emerge. Today on one of the Internet - portals there was a news that a victim of a terrible virus became 2 - Diana Gurtsky`s summer son.

the Carriage fast has approached on the house of the popular singer on a call of uneasy mother. Speak, doctors perinatalnogo the centre have spent at bed of the child all night long - the status of the kid did not improve in any way. On hearings, physicians were afraid that at small Bones there can be a pork flu: very much symptoms are similar. Doctors insisted on hospitalisation, but Diana Gurtsky has refused.

it was very much disturbed, and our correspondents have decided to call parents of the kid.

- All is already good, - us the husband of the popular singer Peter Kucherenko at once has calmed. - No pork flu, fortunately, is present. We have simply decided to make all family preventive inoculations. Koste have entered a vaccine from pnevmokokkovoj infections. At the son almost high temperature which very long did not manage to be brought down anything at once has risen. Have suffered prolonged anxiety, of course, but already all behind!