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In Ulyanovsk tariffs for the electric power

Since 2010 payments for housing are established - utilities in the Ulyanovsk region will increase again. Officials prepare in advance inhabitants for this unpleasant for the majority of them for the fact: explain from pages of newspapers and blue screens why it is necessary to add on in this or that line. It becomes for one simple reason to soften blow on population purses. After all poor family budgets, anyway, will feel losses.

One of these days have confirmed tariffs for the electric energy delivered to the population and consumers equal to it. Since January, 2010 the people living in city settlements in houses, equipped with gas cookers, will pay 2 roubles of 16 copecks for one watt at an o`clock. Earlier this specification made 1 rouble of 95 copecks.   to inhabitants in which apartments electric stoves are established, it is necessary to lay out 1,52 roubles, earlier - 1,37. The same sum for watt at an o`clock will be given also by countrymen. It is necessary to notice that limiting minimum and maximum levels of tariffs for the electric power, confirmed at federal level, make from 214 to 216 copecks, that is at us used the maximum value.

If to compare the Ulyanovsk region to other regions of Privolzhsky federal district, above indexes in Tatarstan, the Samara and Kirov areas, the Perm edge, Mary El`s republics, Mordovia, Udmurtiya. Here they make from 218 to 233 copecks. More low, than   at us, specifications in the Saratov, Penza, Orenburg areas and Chuvashiya.  

it is necessary to remind that as measures of support of the population the Ministry of Economics of the Ulyanovsk region considered earlier the offer on introduction of social norms of current consumption by the population. According to the official information, for today the similar measure already exists in a number of regions of Russia. For example, in the Nizhniy Novgorod and Penza areas the social norm is established at level 50 kvtch on the person, in Samara - 53, in Mary El`s republic - 45.

the Ulyanovsk economists suggested to enter social norm of consumption of electric energy the population in size   50 kvtch on the person and 50 kvtch on apartment. Experts asserted that such limitation will stimulate power savings and will protect needy families. However, subsequently this offer have refused.

- Social norm will not accept, - have explained to us by phone a hot line .

Same have confirmed and in Uljanovskenergo .

- We counted on introduction of social norm, but it has not occurred, - have explained in a press - service Uljanovskenergo . - As to   increases of tariffs,   that increase will occur all for 11 percent. For comparison, last year energy cost has grown for 18 percent.

Coming back all to the same social norm, it would be desirable to note, what not all is unequivocal for its introduction. So, at some experts consider that with introduction such laths power can impudently raise tariffs, justifying that it is surpluses.


And At this time
Specifications will reconsider hardly

the Huge sensation have lifted round the decision accepted still in the summer by city committee on price control and tariffs about specifications of consumption of utilities. In the document limit increase on heating by separate kinds of habitation with 0,19 to 0,303 Gkal/ in sq. m. One of the reasons of an agiotage that the payment for a communal flat for the people living in 1 - 2 - floor apartment houses, can grow more, than for 50 percent was provided! At first publicly this problem have lifted in the big hall of Legislative Assembly, and then and in the Municipal duma.

- All of us have made correctly, - Elena Shmaukova has explained the chairman of city committee on price control and tariffs. - According to the registered rules. One tariffs go down, others   raise. It is absolutely normal process. We sent the project of the document in supervising bodies. And to us have answered that all corresponds to the federal legislation. By the way, that to inhabitants low   houses it is necessary to pay more than in the rest, we specified both to officials, and deputies.

And, really why they were silent when the document was only in the project, and here now have suddenly remembered and have turned to defenders needy and old men? By the way, according to Elena Sergeevny to reconsider specifications it is impossible.