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Role of Chapaeva Stalin`s Summer residence has rescued Boris Babochkina from arrest

. The late evening on November, 4th, 1934. In a viewing hall the Owner, Voroshilov, Hammers, Enukidze and Shumjatsky, heading then a domestic cinema. Has passed an hour and a half. Light was switched on, and Stalin declared to the stood film chief:

- you can be congratulated on good luck. Fine, cleverly also it is tactfully made. It is good both Chapaev, and Furmanov, and Petka. The film will have the big educational value. It - a good gift to a feast.

Already next day at the Leningrad cinema the Titan the first official display has taken place. And posters was not - them had not time to prepare at all, on curbstones only hand-written announcements hung. The morning session has passed without an agiotage, but the rumour about exploits of Chapaeva and its division has quickly extended on a city. And by the evening on the Neva prospectus the impressive turn has gathered. So triumphal procession of the tape included in number of hundred best films of a world cinema has begun.

Batalov or Vanin?

There are many actors who have become famous only for one role. Boris Babochkin concerns them also. How to the actor have entrusted to embody on the screen an image legendary komdiva, there are many legends. One of them says that Nikolay Batalov should play Chapaeva, but at it not healed tuberculosis has at that point in time become aggravated. Then have invited Vasily Vanin already playing Vasily Ivanovicha on a theatrical scene. And Babochkina have confirmed for a role of Petki. But once brothers of Vasilevy and Babochkin assorted any already finished shooting episode. The actor began to show what, in its opinion, Chapaj should look. Without thinking twice, directors have suggested Babochkinu to make a make-up, have pasted moustaches - it has turned out poured out komdiv. Vanin has retired.

And here the known Petersburg historian of cinema Peter Bagrov is assured that Vasilevy marked for a long time Babochkina for a role komdiva, and this episode have forced it as though to bathe in the future role.

By the way, a film CHapaev has in many respects rescued Babochkina from troubles. Under stories of the daughter of the actor, in 1937 behind it two persons constantly went, but to arrest the national favourite bodies nevertheless have not dared.

not Impressive Gudkin and apartment from Voroshilov

have guessed Not at once directors and with the actor playing Petku - ordinartsa. At first have confirmed Jacob Gudkina. But it as now speak, has not swum with the current: it has appeared not impressive, a little heavy. Then directors have taken a courageous step: though already it has been finished shooting a lot of film, they have decided to replace Gudkina.

Someone from group has resulted on tests of young Lenju Kmita. Hardly having looked at it, Vasilevy of a mansion have told: It approaches ideally . The role of Petki for Kmita became star. He then acted in film much, but for spectators for ever remained in memory ordinartsem legendary komdiva. And marshal Voroshilov, having looked at a picture, has come to such delight that presented to the actor small apartment in Moscow opposite to Eliseevsky shop.

Chapaev: - Where there should be a commander? Ahead, on a dashing game!

At all brothers

In Petrograd area of Petersburg, opposite to a building Lenfilm there is a street bearing a name of brothers of Vasilevyh. Though actually they at all relatives. They namesakes. The film pseudonym it was thought up by the literary critic and critic Victor Shklovsky. On Lenfilm Vasilevy were engaged in reinstallation of the American pictures, preparing them for release in the Soviet hire.

Once in hands the scenario of widow Furmanova has got to them. Having read, they have decided to write the under the name CHapaj . The first reading has delighted both editors and actor`s conventual community.

One of brothers George, by the way, and itself has acted in film in an episode: he can be seen in a scene a psychological attack kappelevtsev. It goes in the first rank with a cigarette in teeth and a stack in hands.

Sergey Vasilev was married to the beauty - the actress Barbarian Mjasnikovoj. And when there was a question who will play Anka - pulemetchitsu, Sergey Dmitrievich has offered the spouse. Another Anka now and to present difficultly.

Jacob Gudkin was not pleasant to chiefs in a role of Petki

From Anka`s son have refused

CHapaev at all mammon of a material has kept within maximum permissible metric area - 2600 metres, and tape timing has made 95 minutes. It was gave by expensive price: achieving szhatosti and laconicism, brothers of Vasilevy at installation have been urged to refuse many finished shooting scenes - conversation of Petki and Anka on her son, fight for a village Solomihinsky, interrogation again come into the hands of white Cossack Potapov.


- 1935 - I award the Silver cup On the First Moscow International film festival.

- 1937 - Gran - at the World Parisian exhibition.

- 1941 - the Stalin award of I degree.

- 1946 - the Bronze medal on a film festival in Venice.


Silently, citizens! CHapaj will think .


I akademiev did not pass, I have not finished them .


Where there should be a commander? Ahead, on a dashing game .


Alexander the Great too was the great commander. And what for stools to break?


White have come - grabjut, red have come - grabjut. Well kudy to the poor peasant to move?


Brother Mitka dies, uhi asks .

(the White Cossack)

Mental, you speak? Well a horse-radish with it, give mental .