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Alexey DUDAREV: “ In new “ White Dews “ all heroes will be old “

- I understand what be better than the first film of anything cannot, - the playwright admits. Is as the first love. Should admit, I was categorically against continuation.

- Who has lined you to write continuation?

- Nobody lined … Here another. Represent, the film has ended, at someone all was arranged in life, at someone is not present, someone finishes the life, someone continues … And here has passed 25 years - quarter of the century when already yourself you learn in old photos. For these quarter of the century has occurred such that sometimes does not occur and for some centuries. We began to live in other century, other millenary, in absolutely other country. Psychologically we became absolutely others. It seems to me that it will be interesting to people to learn that became with heroes of a picture as many actors who were acting in film in the first part, are well. The same Gennady Mihajlovich Garbuk. The first time I was typed such desperate impudence and has called, when to it 75 years were executed. Admitted that I prepare for it such gift - from now on I start to think over continuation. And when there was a creative evening, has handed over the first variant of the scenario.

with a brick the script writer has thought up the Scene at the desire of the director


- Also that will be with heroes “ White Dews “ further?

- Me and washes away to blurt out something. But I will tell nothing. (Dudarev beats itself on lips. - a bus comment) Only one - all heroes who operated in “ White Dews “ will be and in the second part. All without an exception. On it I become silent. I have shared this idea with the new minister of culture Paul Latushko, and it hotly has accepted it. The melancholy covers me, when I understand that Igor Mihajlovich Dobrolyubov hardly can undertake picture statement. (Igor Dobrolyubov is seriously sick. - a bus comment) God grant to it of health. After all it is its merit that he has created this world, has collected round itself the command and, the most important thing - has saved intonation author`s and atmosphere: these characters a little bit oddish, a little bit somewhat eccentric, but warm, native, recognised. It the film also keeps. Now I already safely can speak, with it time will not make anything. I do not understand that in it of such especial. The word of honour, I do not coquet. I will risk to assume - deep compassion to the person both deep respect. And an easy ironic sight. Something Chekhovian in it is. Not about myself I speak, and about a film. Because the film script is one, and a ready film already absolutely another.

Alexey Dudarev (at the left) itself has acted in film in “ White Dews “. However, this scene has not entered into a picture.



- If it is impossible to ask you about new “ White Dews “ let`s talk about the old. How the scenario was written?

- Heroes of a film - an adult environment of my childhood. This generation has left completely. To my father who in a film is declared in two forms - in it Fedos, and the Gastritis got on also, - would a year or two from now be executed hundred years.

- the Scenario at once have accepted? You after all then, in 1982, were not Dudarevym - the venerable and recognised playwright.

- Yes, I then only Dudarev carried a surname. The film studio held competition of demands. And I used the best efforts, that in it not to participate - year was very strained. The editor of a film studio of that time Lilija Beldjukevich tearfully me begged to participate. Perhaps, she believed in me. And can, it was necessary to gather additionally authors. I have sighed and have written a priming about moved village of pages on twelve. The demand was called “ Village “. By the way, in that competition participated both Genad Buravkin, and Victor Kozko. Under their scenarios after films too have been shot. On a broader scale, all has been made wisely. In the advance payment to all writers have paid on 2 thousand roubles provided that you hand over the scenario. If the film is started, you receive as for the scenario. If is not present - 2 thousand remain with you.

“ WHITE ROSSOV I HAVE thought up “

- - I have written the demand, and when before scenario delivery there was a month, villages and has started to work. I the person responsible, on a freebie have not got used to receive money. Any heroes have left the demand, but three brothers have been thought up at once. And “ village “ Of course, not the name for a film. The legend that white rossami named our ancestors, then was thought up and village named. And about white dew - too truth. Every autumn, when frosts still are not present, but already becomes at daybreak “ stsjudzyona “ dew becomes muddy. At us in village then spoke: soon autumn, dew on a meadow white - white. It was the counterbalance to a legend about white rossov which put forward the Gastritis: “ There is nothing to deform history! “ but the legend has turned out so truthful that in it have believed many. Believed that there is also such village. And that such people are - questions were not. Though anybody never Byelorussians so did not name. I have thought up it.

the Film crew from left to right: Igor Dobrolyubov, Alexey Dudarev, Nikolay Karachentsov, Vsevolod Sanaev, Irina Egorov, Gennady Garbuk.


- Who has won competition?

- My scenario has received the first place. It was my first such large victory to the award of Lenin Komsomol, to the State award. By the way, my name was not pleasant to judge Ivan Petrovichu Shamjakinu: “ That you there have thought up - “ íåéêiÿ “ Belyja Dews “. I even have begun to doubt, but too beautiful it was. However, did not assume that this name becomes such popular and will enter into life as a real-life symbol. In Grodno there is a street White Dews, there is an ensemble “ White Dews “ there is a shopping centre “ White Dews “ speak, in Moscow suburbs the whole cottage small town so is called. And the main thing - all say that have thought up the name. However, only after 1983. There are things which soar in air.

- And how the scenario has got to Dobrolyubov?

- He has chosen it. Igor Mihajlovich was already the master. Many directors read the scenario, but special delights did not voice. And here Dobrolyubov calls to me, a puppy in general - that: “ Lesha, it is never better than anything read. If you not against, I over it work “. At me the tube has not dropped out of hands nearly. To work with it was happiness. He is able to work both with actors, and with the artist, and with the playwright. I remember, how the scene with a brick was written. (The gastritis treats Fedosa for a radiculitis: cooked a brick in broth of grasses, and then has put its heated to that on a back - a bus comment) It was not in the scenario. And Dobrolyubov has started to work already over a scenario. As - that calls: “ Lesha, give we will go in Smolevichi, small fishes it is caught “. And weather was already November. Have arrived, have thrown fishing tackles, and holodryga the terrible. I feel, not for fishing Dobrolyubov has called in me. “ you understand, Lesha. One more scene is necessary to me. Such, as at them with a bottle, but another “. I will think over, I speak. We, of course, any have not caught some fish. Have returned on base of rest, I have remembered the father who suffered a radiculitis. Though in a swan it did not cook bricks. Has outlined this scene for 15 minutes. Dobrolyubov: “ About! That that is necessary! “ - “ So you from - for it have brought me? “ - “ in general - that, yes “.

God grant that it shot the second film. If there will be the slightest possibility, we will consult to it.


- On a postscoring I have stayed all rings - from the first to the last. And Dobrolyubov always asked me: “ you have something to tell? “ caught intonation. Even I tried to correct Boris Kuzmicha Novikova (Gastritis). But has understood that it is useless. It will make all. And Karachentsov has listened. Though has first started to argue, and then all has made simply excellent!

Remember a scene when Vaska nests a stork and an accordion plays. During shootings no music there existed, Karachentsov only stretched furs. And on ozvuchanii long searched for a melody. Nikolay Petrovich has arrived to Minsk with the musician who accompanied it at concerts. Suddenly someone has told: “ What do you subtilize? Let slabaet “ One million scarlet roses “! “ For those times it was mega - a hit. When this sloven has played this melody, we have simply laid down from a laughter.

- In an operating time over a film it was felt, what the good film will turn out? It after all not always clearly happens.

- It was felt. Even in a draught material it was felt, how from the screen whipped heat any.

Then already ready film looked at State cinema to solve, what circulation to do for hire. And there companions skilled, they have looked, have risen and silently leave. One has turned: “ Well, children, you have given … “ And at once 1200 copies - to all Soviet Union have been printed.

- But not each good film becomes national.

is a riddle. On this question I cannot find the answer.

- it was necessary to face spectator love or all it has got to actors?

- In the end of 80 - h I went to India with the Moscow playwrights. Have invited us in the Soviet trade mission. Were in our group and Galinas, and Petrushevsky. I too acted, told about plays, and have then told that I the author “ White Dews “. All my colleagues have there and then disappeared, all attention has been chained to me. One woman after has approached to me: “ It is possible to kiss you? Here such melancholy, and at us there a snowball lies. When melancholy zaest, I come to the familiar film mechanic, it to me puts “ White Dews “ I sit down one in a hall and I look. To me becomes so easily that it is possible to live further “. It has appeared, thus she has watched a film of 18 times!



While Alexey Anufrievich has not given the scenario on a film studio.

- Over it still it is necessary to work.

- And how will be called?

- “ White Dews. Radunitsa “.

- and if we suggest our readers to write the versions of continuation of a favourite film?

- Why also is not present. Probably, I also use something. Let write that became with heroes of a picture in quarter of the century.

FROM EDITION. Dear readers! And as, on - to yours, there should be a destiny of heroes “ White dews “. Girl Galjunja became whom? A leah brothers have saved friendship? A leah they have found themselves in new time? Write to us on the address: Minsk, street Platonova, 1á, room 401 or on nadia@belñ a mark “ White dews - 2 “.

we will pass letters to Alexey Dudarevu. Probably, any reader`s ideas will be embodied in a new film.

the Photo from the Belarus archive of a museum of the literature and art