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Women with man`s names are more successful

At University Klemsona   (Clemson University in South Carolina) the group of economists under the direction of Bentley Koffi (Bentley Coffey), investigating activity of women in different areas, has found out strange law. It has appeared that women with man`s names have more than chances to achieve success. On the average, certainly. And most of all this phenomenon is shown in legal sphere.

Americans took, naturally, the? The American names which on our hearing sound strange. At ourselves in Russia we not each time will distinguish a man`s name from the female. But in their USA distinguish.

Anthony (Anton, on ours) Johnson, the Swede, supervises over group of companies Axel Johnson Group. Has saved up 7 billion dollars

For example, the name Cameron can be both female, and man`s. No less than a name Bruce. And so, the scientific search undertaken by economists, and the collected statistics have led to comprehension of that the representatives of the weaker sex who has received voleju parents man`s names (Cameron, Bruce, Nikita, John and etc.) Reach bolshego success in life, than them sisters with purely female names (Sju, Siberian salmons, Sofi, the Sarai). And, as a rule, become rich.

According to economists, a secret of a phenomenon that women with man`s names are conceived by men - let even at subconsciousness level more seriously. And the stronger sex while dominates in a society.


At us in the price feminity

it is quite probable that a phenomenon courage in female names works in the USA. Or where - nibud in the West. But in Russia it is absolutely imperceptible. To look at lists of ours something outstanding   enough; women.

In a rating of the richest - at least, in the first its ten - on a broader scale does not have any lady with a man`s name. Continuous Elenas, Olga, Natalia, Tatyana Though among successful, well-known and talented man`s names come across: Valentine Matvienko, Alexander Marinin, Alexander Pahmutova, Victoria Tokarev, Vasilisa Wise.

Though, maybe, it is necessary to try - to start to give to girls man`s names. And when them becomes much the effect will be shown at the full capacity. And these girls realise the raised chances of success.

Her name is Nikita - the woman of legendary success and popularity