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Alisa : the Sixth forest warden - 20 years later!

the Sixth forest warden it was there and then recognised disappointment of year. Well as, after all opening of year declared then Tender May ! Has passed 20 years, and time has placed all in the places: where - that white roses and where red on black ...

on November, 15th in Moscow in Luzniki group Alisa will present the concert program under the name the Sixth forest warden - 20 years later! . That who in the late eighties already went on concerts and bought plates, has carried doubly: in the end of 2009 they can feel again bright emotions of the violent past. The same, who too late was born the chance to get at the time of formation of Russian fate drops out, to hear from a scene cocky the New method executed light grief The autumn sun and the most song seldom sounding at concerts, header the Sixth forest warden . Last, by the way, for the past twenty years was not played Alisoj never!

Songs with the Sixth forest warden for a long time were not executed on group performances, and after all this album by right is considered one of the strongest and cult works Alisy . Each composition - separate history, the bright world. the sun for us has been devoted Alexander Bashlachyov to support it during the uneasy period of life. In transparent the Shadow play are audible of that time The Cure and on a song Aerobics Konstantin Ernest has removed a clip for the First channel still being not the director, and simply guy in a leather jacket. In the New method - the obvious political notes convicting the Soviet propagation, and Sterh - Truly Petersburg ballad.

the Album left in the autumn 1998 and has dispersed on the country in circulation more than one million copies that in the USA corresponds to the platinum status. At us Kintchev has earned the one tenth copecks for a disk, but also this money has not received...

DS Luzniki   the m. item Sports Vorobevy mounts Luzhnetsky emb., 24.

on November, 15th the beginning in 19. 00.

the Price of tickets: from 1000 rbl.


at you is Today unique chance to win tickets for group performance Alisa . Answer questions: Tell, for what two soccer teams Konstantin Kintchev is ill? As now designate line 95 anthemed Alisoj ?

Answers send to the address: oksana@ it is strict today, on November, 5th. Fill out the a name and phone number. Good luck!