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Estonian firm on gold sale intends to enter the new markets

For last year Estonian   firm AS Tavid has sold in Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Sweden   2,15 tons of gold.

More a total amount quarter yellow metal it has been realised in republic, the councillor of enterprise Meelis Atonen informs.

As of the end of September, the firm sells 1,3 tons of gold from which 300 - 400 kg is necessary to Estonia. Atonen considers, as this year, most likely, in the domestic market than 500 kg of metal will be realised more.

In plans Tavid - to increase gold sales in larger markets. In interview E24 of Atonen has told that in the near future the enterprise intends to leave on new commodity markets yellow metal.

According to Atonena, among clients Tavid there are private clients who for once buy gold on pair tens thousand crones, and also on one million euro. A portrait of the average investor to write it is impossible is both pensioners, and successful businessmen.

the Councillor of the enterprise asserts that the gold share in an investment portfolio should not exceed 10 - 30 percent, informs an information portal stolitsa. ee.