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Irina Wiener has arrived to Penza to say goodbye to Natalia Lavrovoj

Today   at night to Penza Irina Wiener has arrived the Merited trainer of Russia, the vice-president of the All-Russia federation of rhythmic gymnastics. Together with it there have arrived trainer`s collective of the Center of the Olympic preparation and a trainer`s staff of Russian national team on gymnastics.

Irina   Wiener was in very dejectedness. She does not believe till now in happened with Natalia Lavrovoj. Irina Aleksandrovna   laid hopes very much on Natalia, after all the girl was the first-ever double Olympic champion on rhythmic gymnastics, and Irina Wiener was going to include it in the basic trainer`s structure of Russia.

- Natalia was very talented girl. It had every chance to become the best trainer, - the chairman of committee on physical training and sports of the Penza region Grigory Kabelsky considers.

Today the arrived will say goodbye to Natalia Lavrovoj of the house. Funeral of the Olympic champion and her sister will take place tomorrow. From 9 o`clock in the morning it will be possible to say goodbye to Natalia in sports palace Burtasy . Body carrying out at 12 o`clock. Natalia Lavrova will be buried on the glory Is more scarlet Is new - the Western cemetery of Penza.

we Will remind that yesterday on 26 - m to year of life the double Olympic champion, the glorified Penza sportswoman and the trainer Natalia Lavrova was lost. Its car has had an accident on a line Penza - Shamyshejka. There was a collision with a foreign car. In the car also there was a sister of the Olympic champion who operated car. Both   girls were lost.