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One and a half thousand military men will participate in Volgograd in Victory parade

on May, 9th on the Area of the fallen fighters will pass the next parade of Victory. In it will take part over one and a half thousand military men. They are soldiers and officers 20 - j a motor-shooting brigade, 56 - j separate desantno - an assault brigade from Kamyshina, 22 - j brigades of internal troops from the Kalatch - on - Don. Also cadets of academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a company of the Guard of honour become participants of parade also the Volgograd territorial command of railway armies. Will accept celebratory parade the commander 20 - j a motor-shooting brigade colonel Boris Fomitchyov.

For three divisions to which should open solemn review, the special clothes of times of the Great Patriotic War are already sewed. Military men will march on a main square of a hero town in the form of fighters of infantry, pilots and seamen.

- passage of the mechanised column - tanks, armoured troop-carriers, fighting razvedyvatelno - patrol cars and other technics becomes One of the most entertainment actions. All it it will be involved more than 60 units. By the way, all tanks are put already on asfaltohodovye boots which exclude asphalt damage. The legendary car - tank T - 34 which is an exhibit in memorial estate " will head a column; Stalingradsky fight - informs a press - service of regional administration.

Preparation for parade goes accurately according to plan. In the field of airdrome in Kirovsk area there has already passed the second rehearsal of parade with participation of heavy armoured technics. Also almost every day the staff spends trainings in the military camps. And already on April, 30th on the area of the Fallen fighters the first of three dress rehearsals will take place.