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“ SHtandart “ the Exact copy of the ship of Peter I a frigate " arrives non-standard

; SHtandart “ now is in Norway. How much it there will stay - it is not known because come back home it cannot: the sailing vessel goes on the sea without documents. And the Russian Ministry of Transport, to put it mildly, is not happy with it.

- “ SHtandart “ it is now registered as the river craft, - chief Severo - the Western management Rosmorrechnadzora Dmitry Atlashkin has explained. - Therefore in Norwegian sea to be should not is an infringement of the Code of trading navigation of the Russian Federation and the Code of an internal sailing charter. Besides, the ship does not have any document resolving swimming: former ship tickets are cancelled for a long time, and new did not stand out.

In June the command “ SHtandarta “ has received from representatives of the river register some writs: To establish pulse otmashki, to remove the diagramme krutilnyh the engine moments, but the main thing - to impregnate wooden designs of the ship with fire-resistant structure.

- Requirements purely technical and it is absolute vypolnimye, - Atlashkin speaks.

the Captain of a frigate Vladimir Martus declared that all these works will execute in Finland. Rosmorrechnadzor did not mind. “ SHtandart “ on a tow and without the command have dragged to Kotka, and there …

- On the ship the crew has risen, and it has left to Norway, - Atlashkin sighs. - the Majority of ship-owners - legislative people, and we did not expect that “ SHtandart “ will go on infringement.

However, the frigate had a contract: it was planned that it will decorate with itself(himself) a feast 80 - letija Nenets autonomous region. Here it also has gone on the North. But there it was waited already by dissatisfied employees of Ministry of Transport. As a result - Mara the ship has not reached Narjan: In the sea the storm, and since then it in Norway was played. There captain Vladimir Martus thinks over inclusion “ SHtandarta “ in any foreign register - time with Russian it is impossible to agree. The variant of well-known British register Lloyd’s is considered.

- However, that problems at “ SHtandarta “ have arisen from - for your uneasy mutual relations with Martusem? - We have taken an interest at Dmitry Atlashkina.

- We behind this ship watch a little more religiously, than others, but only because present infringement any more the first.

- you even had legal proceedings with the captain …

- Martus has accused me that in your newspaper I have told, as if “ SHtandart “ eight years was not under repair.

- Wait a moment, now we will find this article … But not you tell these words!

- Yes I - that know that I did not tell it and could not tell. I the professional, worked seventeen years as the captain and perfectly I know that the vessel is under repair constantly, even when it`s OK, - something is repaired, gets over, podvarivaetsja. But the captain “ SHtandarta “ why - that has decided that it is my words.

- Let the court will ask us - we will confirm that it not you have told.

- Have agreed.


In the end of October “ SHtandart “ has been excluded from the River register. It has been made under the statement of captain Vladimir Martusja which for this purpose came to Petersburg. Now the frigate is registered in State inspection on small size vessels. But it does not relieve a sailing vessel of problems: on norms GIMS onboard “ SHtandarta “ should be no more than twelve persons. And its command is much more numerous.