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Poland urges to accelerate investigatory actions on the case of wreck of the presidential plane They be 154

the Head of Polish Ministry of Defence Bogdan Klih has met with vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov.

During a meeting he has urged to increase rate of investigation on the case of accident of the presidential liner They be 154.

Finding-out of the reasons of this tragedy is the major problem for the governments of Poland and Russia. It is joint responsibility. It is necessary to accelerate work on it - has declared Klih.

the Minister of Defence of Poland also has urged to conduct investigatory actions is as much as possible transparent and opened.

On - polski this word sounds as javnost, and on - russki - publicity - quotes Bi - Bi - Si of a word of Kliha.

we Will remind that earlier, Sergey Ivans has informed that are identified all a victim of accident.

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