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In Novosibirsk the match local FK « has begun; Siberia » and the Moscow CSKA

At stadium Spartak in Novosibirsk the match of local football club " has begun; Siberia with the Moscow command of CSKA Now passes the seventh tour of Premieres - leagues of the Russian football championship. The match beginning - at 17 o`clock local time (14. 00 - Moscow time). Stadium tribunes are already filled with fans who have arrived specially for the sake of this match from different cities of Siberia: Barnaul, Biisk, Tomsk, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk and others.

- I have arrived from settlement Zalesovo in Altay territory, and never would think that on this match a meeting of the neighbour with the next street, - informs from stadium Spartak the Altay sports journalist Boris Sivolobov. - Fans of CSKA have already gathered on tribunes of one sector, they wave flags and shout. Militias it is amazing much. Examination of security services on an input on stadium simply wild. At me, for example, even tried to select on an input a pack of juice which I bore the grandson.

Meanwhile, Siberia occupies last line in standings, having typed 1 point following the results of 16 matches. And here CSKA after 5 - ti games - on the third place with 11 points.

to Earn additionally on this status match speculators, secondhand dealers of tickets want also.   but from - for abundants of militia near stadium they trade in tickets from - under   floors   around the Central park.

- Speculators have caught me directly on a pedestrian crossing near to the Central park, have suggested to buy tickets for 300 roubles, - informs from stadium Spartak our correspondent Ekaterina Olhovsky. - And here about stadium of these dealers is not present, as here it is too much militia. Still me revolts that militia not pustkaet anybody   in that sector where fans of CSKA have gathered, probably, being afraid of fights.