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Where in Kishinev there will pass the gay -

the Ecological party „Aljantsa Verde” suggests sexual minorities to spend parade the gay - parade not on the area of Great national meeting as it appeared, and in park “ Bringing down Morilor “ on is more scarlet before the International exhibition centre “ Moldekspo “. Party members believe that such decision could allow to avoid intensity and conflicts in a society.

“ Attempts of the last have shown, however, that the population does not suffer similar actions, and we should understand that such events can become the reason for the moments of social intensity which can lead to deterioration of reputation of Moldova at the international level “ - Andrey Dumbrevjanu ascertained.

the Secretary general of Ecological party asserts that, on the one hand, it is necessary to observe the rights of sexual minorities, and, on the other hand, minority should bear certain responsibility before the majority.

“ We offer, that sexual minorities have agreed on other venue of action. Park „Bringing down Morilor” - not so crowded a place as the area of Great national meeting, and primerija Kishinev should take a corresponding variant into consideration “ - Andrey Dumbrevjanu has underlined.

the initiative group has notified primeriju Kishinev on intention to spend on May, 2nd the gay - parade on the area of Great national meeting. Last year homosexuals have refused the action, having declared that this decision - the form of the protest against infringement of the right to free meetings. In 2008 carrying out the gay - parade has been broken by counterdemonstrators. The police observed of it from outside and did not interfere. Participants of the action who have appeared then blocked in the bus, have undergone to the rough reference from counterdemonstrators.