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Life expectancy in Udmurtiya has grown for 3,5 years

Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 In 2009 the financing volume vzdravoohranenie has made republics of 14,5 billion roubles. Expenses on 1 zhiteljauvelichilis to 9454 roubles.
- over the last 5 years the volume finansirovanijazdravoohranenija has increased in 2,9 times, - the head of republic AleksandrVolkov has noted. - to achieve such results to republic support federalnogobjudzheta has helped.
According to the president of republic, during action natsionalnogoproekta “ Health “ in Udmurtiya it is constructed and reconstructed 52 obektazdravoohranenija, including 13 - on village. In republic sozdanyvysokotehnologichnye the centres on preventive maintenance and treatment of oncological, cardiological diseases, are placed in operation the Center of protection of motherhood idetstva in Izhevsk, the children`s hospital on 120 cots with polyclinic in Sarapul, is reconstructed Republican children`s clinical hospital in Izhevsk. Medical institutions are equipped by the modern equipment, on priobreteniekotorogo has been allocated 2,6 billion roubles. Thanks to it prodolzhitelnostzhizni the population has increased for 3,5 years and health indicators have improved.
Pripodderzhke of the federal centre the republican authorities intend in the following 5 letpostroit, to reconstruct and capitally to repair 60 more obektovzdravoohranenija, to allocate for acquisition of the hi-tech equipment 2,5μθλλθΰπδΰ roubles. Special attention will give to preventive maintenance of health and detskimmeditsinskim to establishments.