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One day in the Moscow State University

the Viewing point has ceased to be regime object, to get to a legendary building now it is possible and without the student ticket.

At desire in a skyscraper on Vorobevyh mounts it is possible to spend all the day long. To go there costs even in the afternoon to wander on a surprising botanical garden. Then, having supported in student`s buffet, to hire bicycles or rollers - to go round rather big territory of university. For an hour before calling go on a survey platform. Having seen enough of a decline from the highest point of a city, go down from heavens on the earth. And again direct a look in the sky - already look at stars through the present telescope.

all from above is visible To me!

On walk on a skyscraper it is necessary to get out at least for the sake of excursion to a viewing point   the Main building of the Moscow State University. It under the spike of a skyscraper: 32 - j a floor, height - 230 metres over level of the Moskva River. The highest, accessible to simple townspeople, a platform from which the tremendous panorama opens. The most fascinating kind on a decline and when the city lights millions fires. Into the excursion price enter: walk on halls of the first and second floors, listening baek about skyscraper building, the story   about architectural features of a building and its unique furnish. Further - a four-storeyed Museum of physical geography. To tourists show an exposition part -   collections of meteorites, rocks and products of volcanic eruptions. Then - the highest hall of solemn receptions - a rotunda with a huge colonnade. Under the rotunda arch - a ruby star. It is made from this glasses, as the Kremlin stars. Further - the Museum of leaders with gallery of the embroidered portraits. And, at last, a survey platform. Telescopes give out, allow to photograph
. Tell a lot of the interesting.

If you did not study in the Moscow State University, necessarily descend on excursion. Impressions there will be a sea!
a photo: from a Moscow State University site.

the Operation mode: from Tuesday till Saturday. Happens that excursions are cancelled   the order of the rector of university. Therefore before visitation it is necessary to call. Business hours - with 10. 00 to 22. 00 (an input to 20. 00).   Duration of excursion - an hour and a half. The admission under the documents proving the identity.

How to find:

the m. item University or Vorobevy mounts arrival from street of Academician Hohlova, the Club input in GZ the Moscow State University

of M.V.Lomonosova.

the ticket Price: 600 roubles - in everyday life, 800 roubles - during week-end.

Phone: (495 77 - 88 - 721,

http:// 32etazh. ru/

to Look at the Moon and Jupiter

On territories of the Main building there is also a State astronomical institute of a name of P.K.Shternberga of the Moscow State University. Now there daily, except Sunday, pass vesper supervision: students give free lectures and all interested persons start up to the big telescopes. These units on worry to public it is given already nine pieces - three big stationary and six figurative. Wishing to take a look at the Moon and Jupiter it is a lot of. Every evening comes to semithousand persons. Ladies ask to come to footwear without hairpins - to telescopes rise on a narrow spiral staircase. Supervision pass at absolutely clear sky. The information on, a leah will be today supervision, is hung out on a site http:// www. sai. msu. ru/ daily in 18. 00. Supervision are spent with 20. 00 to 23. 00.

How to find:

the University prospectus, 13. To the left of GZ if to look at a skyscraper from a viewing point. These are 3 stops on a trolley bus 28 from the m. item University .

Phone: (495 939 - 20 - 46.