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In Ekaterinburg motorists have patched street

Street Automain each motorist of our city knows. It is not included into any plans of road repairs some years.

- is not present at administration of such street! - one of passers-by in reply to a remark of volunteers that " has in a fit of temper shouted; on a broader scale - that, this business of city administration .

Volunteers is some drivers who have solved by an example of Vladivostok and Nizhni Tagil by own strength to patch some holes on this filled sheferam a soreness of the mouth to road.

- we are not going to do it qualitatively, - one of organizers of the action Cyril Formanchuk at once has warned. - We do not say that we professionals. Our purpose - to draw attention of the city authorities to a problem. That professionals were engaged in the work. As soon as we declared at a forum that meeting place - street Automain, it podlatali this very day. But jamochnogo here for a long time it is not enough repair. So we have decided the address not to change, as on this is that to hole street always will be.

according to organizers, they have not spent for the action copecks. Own small skating rink was in view of that offered by one of volunteers, and a shovel and a glove have brought the.

- the director of asphalt factory when has learnt, what for to us asphalt, has told: Take, children, how much want. And if after you the administration decides to buy, I will offer the prices the lowest - has told the president of fund the Sober city Evgenie Malenkin.

In an hour own forces volunteers have rolled up some metres of road. At random, not on technology - in the rain, - but it is all the same better, than was. Four tons of asphalt brought on KamAZe, it was not possible to master - over Infantry has burst a downpour.
- But if in committee of an accomplishment us will hear and will be engaged in qualitative repair of roads we only will be grateful, - Malenkin speaks. - Means, our action has passed knowingly.

and if one week ago when the same action has taken place in Nizhni Tagil, there participants were dispersed by militia (See In Nizhni Tagil motorists have repaired road ) That in Ekaterinburg an internal even has not moved a nose towards asphalt spreaders - self-educated persons. Stop road repair the strongest downpour could only.

According to organizers, they have not spent for the action copecks. Look a photo gallery Volunteers repair roads of Ekaterinburg .
the Photo: artem OCHERETIN