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The opposition holds meeting under Supreme Rada windows

- Meeting under Supreme Rada walls proceeds. Many people - supporters as Victor Yanukovych, there and Yulia Timoshenko Here have gathered. Holding a meeting opponents are divided by two numbers of police officers which today more than ever it is a lot of in the centre of Kiev. To spend an emergency meeting of parliament of opposition it was not possible, as deputies of the party of regions barricaded a sessional hall. Oppositional deputies have removed on a videocamera as them do not start up in a boardroom. And as to get inside it it was impossible, shooting was spent through a keyhole. I will add that on meeting Yulia Timoshenko has already acted. She has urged people to come on Tuesday again to the Supreme Rada - just this day ratification of the Kharkov agreement concerning prolongation of terms of abiding of the Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol is planned.

- The day before on air of one of Timoshenko`s TV channels has promised that after change of the Ukrainian power it denounces all agreements which contradict national interests of Ukraine. The yesterday`s aether for Timoshenko was very heavy, it has emotionally reacted to the rigid criticism of the representative of Party of Regions and, appear, here - here will begin to cry. Though critical statements in its address recently sounds much, yesterday at congress of regions the newly elected party leader and the prime minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov was indignant with reaction of opposition to the Kharkov agreements.

the Correspondent from Kiev: Meeting under Supreme Rada walls proceeds

- In turn Yanukovych who has been selected yesterday by the honourable party leader of regions, has assured at congress that nobody can prevent ratification of the contract signed in Kharkov on April, 21st by the Supreme Rada of Ukraine. let someone will try to prevent us, - the head of the state has declared. - the answer will be worthy .

- I Will add that while the opposition holds a meeting under the parliament walls, the new power has gone on subbotnik. The prime minister - the minister and the president took in shovel hands, today since morning planted trees and cleaned in the Kiev parks. Victor Yanukovych has still stood on collars. It was today in one of children`s homes of the Kiev area where played with children in football.