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Doctor Hagens has outwitted the senate

the Senate of a city of Bremen after a city grammar school has forbidden an exhibition of dead bodies of Doctor Hagensa.

In this city plastinator Doctor Hagens which exhibitions passed with success in other cities of Germany, has arrived the first time. Its dead human sculptures having sex, at last - that, have forced to shudder even Germans. The first has lifted a wave the deputy director of a grammar school   Sabine Ott who has forbidden pupils to visit such exhibition.

- I cannot present to myself that parents want, that their children studied in such a way human anatomy. For this purpose there are more the best manuals.

As it is known, the doctor death declares that its exhibition has training character. So, he writes on a site that visitors can see anatomy of a structure and look, as human bodies grow old. The input to children is resolved from 16 years, from this age, considers Hagens, it is necessary to study a human body in details.

After a grammar school the senate of a city of Bremen has decided to impose a ban for sex - dead persons of the artist. A principal cause the senate named sexual intercourse which corpses show. Two corpses having sex, according to the senate, destroy mentality and do not spare human feelings.

But Doctor Hagens has appeared more artfully, and has bypassed a senate interdiction. It began to show in the blacked out premise 3D the hologramme of the work of art, the size in human growth. Thus he declared it a world premiere.