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And a leah there was a Christ?

on October, 19th, 1922 in the Soviet Russia the antireligious committee has been created, calling to struggle with priests, churches and religion .

Against belief struggled by means of caricatures, the devastating articles proving that the Christ was not and... Fires. On Komsomol people by turns threw Easter in icon fire... Posters 20 - h invited years on mass burning of icons.

Up to 30 - h years in Russia every week left magazines Atheists and the Militant atheist .

Employees of the House of an icon have collected leaflets, propaganda materials, the posters ridiculing church, a videoarchive of destruction of temples 20 - h years of the XX-th century, tragic stories of people, whose hands wrote 70 years godlessness history. At an exhibition it is possible to see and the icons scolded by atheists - the Sign a XVIII-th century - this image is cut up by stars; Icon fragment great assize a XVII-th century, during half a century workers of collective farm situated near Moscow used it as a partition in a cowshed...

the icon House, the m. item Arbat street Spiridonovka, 4.
Till November, 8th.

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