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Polar bears with full of holes a bench could not win bronze MHL

key players could not take part In a match " some; Polar bears which were leaders at the previous stages plej - off. From juniorskoj Russian national team had not time to return Smiths, Rascals and Nesterov. And the unconditional leader and the most skilled player bears Andrey Popov, unfortunately, has left from - for traumas. From - for it at the disposal of Stanislav Shadrin there were no even four full pjaterok. That though as - that to compensate losses a club management has sent to Ufa together with Bears the goalkeeper of basic " command; the Tractor Daniel Alistratova. So its debut in MHL, however, not absolutely successful has taken place. Having passed three washers, it has given way in collars to the basic goalkeeper Bears to Alexander Danilishinu.

As a whole Tolpar Looked more preferable - attacked, its links, in comparison with Chelyabinsk more, looked played. Whereas in a camp Polar bears were allocated, basically, players the Tractor - Glinkin, Plaksin, Dugin and Burdasov (it was noted a double ) . However, it is not surprising, as on them enormous loading has laid down. From - for short benches the trainer cheljabintsev to Stanislav Shadrin had to throw guys from KHL in fight both in the majority, and in minority, and in equal structures. In an ending a mast fresh looked Tolpar which as the curtain fell on emotional lifting even has organised last storm, than has forced bears to be mistaken and break rules, as a result has finished the bill to large - 2:5.

we Will remind, in the first match of a series for 3 - e a place in Chelyabinsk victory also was for Tolparom - 4:2. Bronze awards of first championship MHL deservedly get Ufa Tolparu .


Tolpar (Ufa) - Polar bears - 2:5 (2:0, 1:2, 2:0).


1:0 - I.Smoljaninov (A.Ankudinov, And. Gareyev, 16:56).
2:0 - N.Kostichkin (A.Pankov, 17:37).
2:1 - A.Burdasov (A.Glinkin, 26:28, bol.).
2:2 - A.Burdasov (K.Plaksin, 30:32, bol.).
3:2 - M.Grigoriev (V.Kamenev, 37:19, bol.).
4:2 - E.Petrenko (K.Polozov, 53:23, bol.)
5:2 - R.Murat (N.Kostichkin, V.Kamenev, 59:00, bol.).

Goalkeepers: R.Khakimov - D.Alistratov (A.Danilishin, 40:00 - 60:00).

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