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Cheerful Fabia or elegant Octavia?

At last - that has come true! The state program of support of domestic mechanical engineering and domestic drivers has replenished with offers from which to refuse at least difficult. Thanks to additional bonuses today on made in Russia the iron friend you in the right to spend to 600 thousand roubles, the initial payment under the credit has decreased to 15 %, and the main thing, it is possible to choose from the replenished list of a car really. We draw two ticks opposite to Skoda Fabia and Skoda Octavia and we go to try the luck in salon Inter Penalties . If to work, so with the official dealer (by the way, the only thing in the Tver region). Any problems with guarantee and service or installation of the additional equipment.

a Harmonous number of the beauties decorated with promising inscriptions test - drive . The fragrant tea carefully offered by Michael, the manager on sales and in combination my guide on the automobile world. Abundant of green colour to which people ingenious prefer. An unostentatious musical background Welcome to a high level motor show!

- we Will begin with Fabii ? - Michael has specified, getting the colourful booklets in details opening all technical characteristics of a car. - Here to us will not make bolshego work to keep within the limit designated by the state. Engines in volume 1,2; 1,4 and 1,6 litres. Complete sets Classic, Ambiente, Sport, Elegance. the Automatic machine or mechanics . All will depend exclusively on your desire.

- And how the car will concern scratches? At me the driver`s experience to impropriety the modest. So borders and columns we should count much

- the Body at Fabii however, as well as at her sisters and brothers, completely zinced. With a guarantee from the manufacturer of 12 years. Also it is not necessary to dismiss antigravijnoe a covering and established protection . And from not planned meetings with borders you will be saved by the high road gleam adapted for the Russian conditions.

- And to sweep on it it is possible?

- Certainly, - for a second without having reflected, Michael has responded.

At an input us the accurate machine positively - yellow colour with cosy salon long-sufferingly waited. The semisports seat as much as possible fitting a body, good lateral support. The excellent review, a convenient armrest, is enough place for useful trifles in door ambries.

That else has pleasantly surprised? At all compactness of a car - more than a capacious luggage carrier (with such it is not a shame and on a summer residence at parents to appear). On conscience the made sound insulation tactfully preserved ours with Michael heart-to-heart talks against city noise. Coupling so after long travel you any more will not need to pass the long period of rehabilitation is very easily squeezed out. Fabia it is predicted, clear, appeasable, without a habit and more - it is not loaded by the impressive list of additional options.

- How much it is gluttonous? The prices for gasoline again confidently upwards have spread, - I have complained.

- In the country Fabia with the engine 1,2 eats an order of 5 litres of fuel on 100 kilometres. Agree, such figures should please.

- Everything, I have already fallen in love with this car. There is an offer to pass in Oktavia . And to compare.

- For today in our salon the new model " is presented; Skoda Oktavia - with pride there has begun a narration Michael. - the car which has looked younger after restyling has saved former elegance, severity of forms and lines. a sedan and hatchback Hybrid pleases with equation of consumer qualities. Sit down! Having settled down in a huge armchair of stylish salon Oktavia you understand: it is good there where you are . In the car there was a new block of management of a climate with built in regulators of temperature buttons of heating of seats. On the advanced versions it is provided big ZHK - the display. Besides the minor information and management of music on the monitor the navigation chart which program is accessible and for tverichan can be deduced. To music fans now it is accessible USB - a socket: they can always connect favourite music to a regular radio tape recorder.

the system of security Thought over to trifles became even more perfect. And, perhaps, the most important thing: the car pleases with excellent dynamics. It is dispersed to hundred less than for 10 seconds. Is excellent enters into turns and irreproachably brakes. Professionally adjusted suspension bracket will rescue you from lying policemen and roads and - lja Serebrjakovsky landing stage. As to the prices, under the state program gets Oktavia with younger the motor of 1,4 litres on the mechanic.

What from Skodas it is necessary to you more to liking? Come - learn! And to postpone this responsible action for tomorrow it is not necessary. The attraction of unprecedented generosity - a government program of subsidising of autocredits - extends exclusively on the loans issued till the end of this year.

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