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Debtors with rare surnames fade into the background

we Will remind that in the document 3191 surname appeared. Those who has run into debt to the state more than hundred thousand roubles. Among usual citizens came across and rather celebrated personalities, such as the singer and composer Igor Korneljuk, Alexander Rosenbaum and Dmitry Zapolsky (read a material In Petersburg hundreds drivers can return the rights ).

Such innovation has revolted not only debtors, but also Federal Agency of supervision in sphere of communication, information technologies and mass communications. Employees of Roskomnadzora have sent tax specialists the letter in which have insistently recommended to them to clean the list from a universal review. They have supported the position with the Federal law About personal data .

- We have not the right to estimate legality or illegality of occurrence of such list of debtors, - a deputy head Petersburg Roskomnadzora Herman Azersky speaks. - However we recognise that the similar data can identify the person. For example, Ivan Petrovich Sidorov is not identifying information, as a surname and a name too extended. And here if it is a question of people with more artful surnames and especially about publicly known it allows easily them to calculate . Therefore we consider occurrence of lists of debtors by infringement.

And here tax specialists consider that they did not suppose any infringements.

- We always operate only according to the law, - has declared us a press - secretary UFNS of Russia across Petersburg Galina Komissarova. - At present we work over the letter of Roskomnadzora.

Just the same letter has been directed and to Office of Public Prosecutor to which and should define now right and guilty.

In the meantime not less heated arguments can arise and round occurrence of orientations to persons paying alimony on street screens (read a material Orientations and photos of debtors will twist on street screens ).

- If on street screens there will be surnames and the initials of people no trouble is not present, - Herman Azersky speaks. - And here photos are a personal biometric data, to disclose which it is impossible.

the Comment of the expert

President Sankt - the Petersburg lawyer board Bureau Naryshkinyh Konstantin Feodors - Naryshkin:

- Publication of lists of debtors is an infringement of a constitutional law on protection of the person. I seldom support state bodies, but in this case Roskomnadzor is absolutely right. Same concerns also persons paying alimony. I understand police officers who are urged to search for debtors in the various ways. But for this purpose it is necessary to apply normal methods. Even if the person is wanted, it yet an occasion it to dishonour. After all we do not know, a leah lawfully withdrawal from it the alimony. There was a case when one man whom pursued for non-payment of the alimony, has made special analyses and has proved that it   not the biological father of the child. So, anything should not to pay. I consider that the public censure made sense in Soviet period. But now it is inefficient.