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Video And DVD weeks with Stasom Tyrkinym

the Star way

the Director - Dzhej Dzhej Abrams

In roles: Chris Pajn, Eric Bana, Anton Elchin, Vajnona Ryder, Leonard Nimoj

* * * *

to Remove continuation of a fantastic teleserial with 43 - summer history and several generations of the fans who have grown on it oh as is uneasy. It is necessary both to satisfy fans, and new public to involve. To save fidelity to spirit of the original and to modify it according to new trends and new representation about (not) to science fiction. Without being the hot admirer the Star way The founder hardly less cult serial to Survive the director of a tape Mission is impracticable - 3 Dzhej Dzhej Abrams has approached to performance of the responsible task rather creatively. Having removed background vselenski a popular teleserial, it as though has nulled has rebooted this history. Has cleared it from numerous naplastovany (after all from an original serial the large quantity of successful and unsuccessful continuations has gemmated, including shot for the big film) and has suggested to begin with a blank leaf. Not without reason the working name of a blockbuster was the Star way of the Zero .

Che. A part 1: the Argentinean

the Director - Stephen Soderberg

In roles: Benisio Del Toro, Frank Potente, Edgar Ramires, Katalina Sandino Moreno

* * *

without being content with fees for films about adventures of friends of Oushena, director Soderberg regularly, sometimes on two pieces in a year, lets out experimental films - not always successful, but often rather curious. Its new picture let out in the Russian hire (actually it only first half of its almost five-hour project about Che Guevara) is far from standards of a biographic film. As a matter of fact it is a monofilm where there is no even a similarity of a plot and, besides Che, all other heroes, including Fidel Castro, are insignificant characters of a background. The first part is devoted revolution in Cuba. On the screen simply removed under the document and the deliberately roughly mounted report on activity komandante stated protokolno, without manipulation with spectator reactions. Benisio Del Toro who have tried on on an image of the flaming revolutionary, fairly has been awarded a prize for Best Actor last year`s Cannes festival.

the Offer

the Director - Ann Fletcher

In roles: Sandra Bullok, Rajan Rejnolds

* * *

the Beginning as in the Office romance : the clerk is afraid of the chief, but thirsts for promotions. But who could think, what the stupid person forcing the trouble-free hero to run in shop to behind linings, will appear the citizen of Canada, not last naturalisation in the USA and now subject to urgent exclusion? Self-confident this person with the person and a body of Sandry Bullok suggests character Rajana Rejnoldsa to conclude fictitious marriage immediately. That, by itself, not in forces to refuse. Further the plot slides on nakatannoj, proving the extremely stereotyped thought that from love to hatred one step. More precisely, to the contrary.              


the Director - Dzhonatan Mostou

In roles: Bruce Willis, Ving Rejms Is glad Mitchell, to Rozamund Pajk

* * *

the Director of the third, maloudachnoj to a series Terminatora Dzhonatan Mostou has made an attempt rehabilitations, once again having married genres of a fantasy and Black film . Action as you have already understood, develops again in the near future. According to authors, during this time perfect as it was sung in a song from a film about Electronics, robots, instead of the person will stick. But here in the environment of robots - the guest workers who are substitutes idling people, there is a murder. Then more and more. It is a high time to call the policeman with a familiar crushed physiognomy - Bruce Willis.  


***** - it is ingenious!
**** - it is very healthy
*** - anything itself
** - badly
* - horror inhuman