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Samovars, laces and things of stars

Structure of participants of a flea market on Tishinke already traditional. Two times a year here come ragmen - so themselves names collectors and galeristy, engaged in antiques and the vintage things, - from Great Britain, Germany, France, Ukraine and many corners of Russia. Here and on this bloshinke there will be 110 participants all same except for ten beginners.

Fans to rummage in grandmother`s chests will not be discouraged. Things here can be found on any colour, taste and a purse, since antiquarian cards and badges to porcelain and furniture. Will be and nails - the collector from St.-Petersburg will please with a collection of heavy ancient irons and samovars with medals. The various collection of the Bruxelles laces and the vintage toilets is promised.

- Visitors of fair already buy things not to behold. They it is active, with the great pleasure carry them! For example, the vintage clothes and ornaments have taken a worthy place in clothes of the Moscow women of fashion, - Marina Smirnova, the director of the company " tells; the Ex-podium .

But the main counter present bloshinki - a charitable market. On it are exposed prizes are unique. There are the things, which stars put on a scene: Andrey Makarevicha`s concert shirt or Valery Syutkin`s stylish orange tie.

Sergey Bezrukov has offered the disks with autographs. Vladimir Kristovsky - boxing gloves, Ekaterina Rozhdestvensky - still-lifes, Violetta Litvinova - smart hats of own manufacture, the Maya Plisetskaya - a photo album with a donative inscription. Grigory Oster has brought the shabby belt, on it is written: This belt Grigory Oster never beat children!

There are also such things which it is not a shame to a paste to give to a museum. Actress Tatyana Drubich has given two ancient handbags, embroidered by beads, its colleague on Anastas Tsvetaeva`s shop - east palatine with a necklace. The prices for all this magnificence are promised quite accessible. After all the market overall objective - to sell things, and the obtained money to direct on operation of two kiddies with a heart disease.

VZ T - the Module the m. item Belarus Tishinsky square, 1.

4 - on June, 7th. CHt. - pt.: with 12. 00 to 21. 00, sb. - vsk.: with 11. 00 to 21. 00.

the Price of tickets: 150 rbl.

Details on a site www. bloha. ru