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Jazz ist fantastish!

Speak, together with this festival the summer comes to capital. Many Muscovites with impatience wait, when it will be possible to take tourist rugs, every possible food and to go on green lawns “ Archangelical “ to listen to pleasant music, to dance and simply to have a rest. Well here also have waited!

3 platforms, 30 collectives

On platforms “ Archangelical “ will play more than 30 domestic and foreign collectives. They will act on three scenes which differ stilisticheski: many-sided and spontaneous “ the Orchestra “ where play all - from a jazz - fate to world - music; magnificent, more chamber “ the Aristocrat “ on which the traditional and vanguard jazz sounds; dancing “ the Whim “ - the swing, fate - n - a beater and bugi - vugi, and also salsa, a Latina, bachata and even cha - cha - cha here reigns! Interested persons can master elements of these dances under the direction of skilled teachers. Democratic scene Livejournal session suggests everyone to take part in mega - jam - session with the present jazz musicians.

That the interesting?

Hed - liners of present festival become favourites of the Moscow public of Nino Katamadze and group Insight, a legend fate - avant-guard group “ AuktsYon “ funk - guru Nils Landgren and group Funk Unit, the best Russian composer - the minimalist masterly violinist Alexey Ajgi and ensemble 4`33 ”, Andrey Kondakov and Brazil All Stars, and still group Zventa Sventana, “ Kadans the Millennium “ Herman Lukjanova. The program will play big - a band of Oleg Lundstrema, Latin Ray, Kimera, “ Mr. the Twister “.

In the neighbourhood with “ the Orchestra “ the park of entertainments where have entered a children`s playground " will settle down; Ogo - the City “ stihomelnitsa, a platform of city games, sharzhisty, balls, tea and a street orchestra.


to get on fest in time, leave before. This transport direction is always very loaded!

On a car: 5 - j km of Ilinsky highway. We leave Moscow on the New Riga highway. Then we turn off on Ilinsky highway. On 5 - m highway kilometre - on the left under the index “ Archangelical “.

On public transport: from the m. item “ Tushinsky “ by buses นน 549, 541, minibuses นน 151, 549, 541.

Return to Moscow visitors festivals can by free festival buses which will go to the m. item “ Tushinsky “.

it is important!

to Start up on territory festa will begin in 14. 00. Platforms will open in 15. 00.

concert programs will begin in 16. 00.

to Park near manor difficult. The car can be left on “ intercepting “ to a parking festa in territory VTS “ the Expo Crocus “. From a parking shuttles on which it is possible to reach to the festival will ply.

the Input on festival through: Sacred gate, an input in sanatorium, an input from Ilinsky highway, an input at boat station.

the Price of tickets: from 800 rbl.

to Buy them it is possible on sites: www. parter. ru www. kassir. ru