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Secret of excellent quality

In what secrets of unsurpassed quality, magnificent taste and ecological cleanliness of production - Joint-Stock Company collective " consist; the Chernjansky meat-packing plant it is ready to tell not in words, and in practice.

the meat-packing plant Management knows as to become successful during the present uneasy economic period. crisis can arise in the countries integrated into world economy, consisting in the WTO. And Russia can use the given period for reconsideration of the food policy, research of not used reserves, acceptances of the measures directed on depreciation of production on which earlier we did not reflect - the general director of the enterprise Anatoly Mihajlovich Kudryavtsev is convinced . In its opinion, in any situation, at desire, it is possible to find a worthy exit, in advantage as manufacturers, and production consumers.

How to lower cost of meat and sausage products? On the overwhelming majority of the Russian enterprises the traditional method is used: a soya instead of meat, sometimes genno - modified. However the major competitive advantage of Joint-Stock Company the Chernjansky meat-packing plant consists in cooperation with the largest manufacture of chicken meat located nearby in the country. Chicken forcemeat, - here more than worthy replacement to a soya! Partially having replaced pork and beef with chicken forcemeat, we receive   a tasty, nutritious and inexpensive product at cost.

For reduction of own expenses the internal, earlier not used reserves are found. For the sake of it it was necessary to get rid of not used ground areas, available industrial complex thanks to what the sums of the paid ground tax have sharply decreased.

- Also we change ours transportno - the logistical policy, - Anatoly Kudryavtsev tells. - About one year we conduct continuous struggle for that production of the Chernjansky meat-packing plant on a way from the enterprise to the buyer passed passage of a warehouse stage, getting directly to shops. It influences not only reduction of price (absence of the warehouse extra charge), but also on quality. Everyone can be convinced that the sausage which has got on store counters directly from factory refrigerators is much more tasty and is more fragrant than that that two - three days has lain down in a warehouse.

On show-windows - directly from industrial complex, passing warehouses. So is much more tasty!
a photo: Oleg GONCHARENKO

GOST - is inviolable!

it is unconditional, conversations on meat replacement with chicken forcemeat at all do not concern the STATE TOVSKY production of the Chernjansky meat-packing plant made according to firm rules.

Among the sausages prepared on a meat-packing plant on STATE THOSE, it is necessary to allocate five grades. Ecological cleanliness of magnificent sausage Amateur it is confirmed by the certificate. It is the important factor. The matter is that production of many Belgorod manufacturers of sausage products is non-polluting is the old tradition which has developed in our region, on it the policy of the regional authorities is directed. However not all production has the white paper - the certificate confirming its ecological cleanliness of production. Presence of the ecological certificate deduces sausage Amateur on qualitatively new level, in comparison by its competitors.

Sausage Doctor`s as well as Amateur Also it is prepared from the most perfect raw materials - pork, beef, premium eggs. What here to speak, Doctor`s is the stamp favourite by us since the childhood. The same concerns also boiled sausage Dairy - gentle, juicy, appetizing, prepared from pork semiboldface and premium beef. Special tenderness is given to it by presence as a part of milk.

the Most best consumer and flavouring characteristics the excellent differs is boiled - smoked sausage of the premium Moscow . It is issued in two kinds - with rope setochkoj on a cover and without it. In spite of the fact that setochka increases the price, gourmets of Belgorodchiny ohotnee buy up it is so attractive external appearance it possesses a little!

Half-smoked sausage Krakow in a natural cover is issued in half rings. CHesnochok, available in a compounding, impacts its especial relish, a piquancy and aroma.

Cost more low, quality - at level!

Six new kinds of sausages on Joint-Stock Company the Chernjansky meat-packing plant are made under the recipe described above - with use of chicken forcemeat instead of traditional for many soya.

the Half-smoked cervelat Slavonic will manage to buyers cheaply enough. Thus it is rather attractive from the point of view commodity - consumer characteristics. Is issued by small half rings on 250 grammes. Essential worthiness of a cervelat Slavonic consists that it is issued not in artificial, and in a natural cover - pork chereve.

the Half-smoked salami Russian for short term has had time to win a recognition of consumers in all areas of area which have to the full valued it according to the merits. It, certainly, successful working out chernjanskih manufacturers. The sample of whom should be on - to the present a successful new grade of sausage. Especial nutritiousness to it is given by presence of the pork salted pork fat.

Krakow original differs from traditional Krakow made in accordance with GOST, presence of chicken forcemeat and, accordingly, much lower price. Again we pay attention - not to the detriment of consumer qualities!

Sausages the Baby are among some the cheapest sausages made in Chernjanke. Each small sausage is packed in natural pork cherevu, the most thin. Small, thin, juicy sausages, not only look appetizing, but actually those and are.

Sausage To a table - an excellent budgetary variant of boiled sausages. It is prepared from forcemeat of a bird, without application of the pork salted pork fat. And here in boiled sausage Pokrovsk The salted pork fat is present. To choose between them it is easy - someone likes accurate slices of fat on a sausage cut, someone prefers production without them.

Pleasure of a gourmet

the Logo of the Chernjansky meat-packing plant - a quality guarantee of production!

Smoked products of manufacture of Joint-Stock Company the Chernjansky meat-packing plant are made from pork low-fat - the best in area! The pork livestock for production buys industrial complex in the glorified collective farm of a name of Frunze.

Balyks Viennese and Nikolaev Differ in the ways of thermal processing - the first syrokopchenyj, the second it is boiled - smoked. And accordingly, and flavouring characteristics. Grudinka kopcheno - boiled, with a layer of the salted pork fat - the present delicacy!

Okorochok Lipetsk it is good prokopchennaja a back part of pork, excellent and very beautiful outwardly a combination of the salted pork fat and the present pork. We will mention also a gammon Picturesque   a delicacy Slavonic syrokopchenye sausages Mihajlovsky and Braunshvejgsky - all is magnificent smoked products, a table ornament, nutritiousness and caloric content.

the Dream of the mistress

22 kinds of the meat half-finished products prepared on the Chernjansky meat-packing plant - the present exit for each mistress who sometimes happens is urged to save time for meal preparation, a warming up already ready dishes. In connection with recent change STATE THAT on half-finished products the Chernjansky meat-packing plant, as well as it is necessary, has undergone recertification procedure. Thanks to it it is possible to guarantee - enterprise production meets today the modern requirements of quality.

Ljulja - kebab, bitochki, forcemeats on a substrate on 800 grammes Gourmets, undoubtedly, will estimate pelmeni Classical - inexpensive and very tasty, with a juicy stuffing, the piquancy and which aroma gives presence of a fresh onion. For a batch of a pizza the industrial complex has specially got a new oven in which dough is baked thoroughly excellently. Weight cutlets Kargopolsky with a white loaf in a compounding very much remind house, favourite by us since the childhood. Vareniki with cottage cheese, a potato with an onion - a classical rural second dish.

And very tasty, juicy turn out at chernjantsev chebureks. At all that is on sale in the markets!