Rus News Journal

The fan - shuj - the forecast

on June, 4th, Thursday

Today spirits preserve us against a tresspass. You presume both a small party, and a romantic adventure, and even travel. The massed celebratory purchases will be especially successful. Only the fan warns against one us - shuj - do not get today into the jug which has been laid up for rainy day.

on June, 5th, Friday

Good day for study and acquisition of the knowledge, happy time for people creative. If you wanted to begin for a long time new life, to start difficult repair or to make any act connected with reorganisation, updating, make it today. Be busy, and all at you will be good - here the motto of today.

on June, 6th, Saturday

Great creative force accompanies this day. Devote to its affairs important, but, probably, not so interesting, for example, to business correspondence or drawing up of plans. Also employment by art, creativity, graceful crafts are favorable. Patients feel better, many recover.

on June, 7th, Sunday

All who pines with thirst of knowledge, have today chance to scoop from the Sacred Well of wisdom. This day is good for training and experience acquisition, and it is better, if you do not depart too far from the house: travel will devastate your purse. The intimate relations fastened today, can pour out in the long happy novel. As it is sad for summer residents, the fan - shuj to us not the assistant in vskapyvanii beds and potato landing. The heavenly emperor all - taki insists on rest! If absolutely nevterpezh to idle, make plans for the future or line a kitchen garden on beds.

on June, 8th, Monday

the Severe wind blows in the person, complicating movement. Remain at home, be engaged in small, routine affairs or go to holiday. All goes not how it is necessary, about great it is possible to dream only. Probably, all is better to postpone and be engaged in the training, after all all the rest takes away too many forces.

on June, 9th, Tuesday

the Sacred Badger helps persistent people, those who is focused on success and career. Today their day, they can make dizzy jump upwards. Incur additional obligations and responsibility, but be afraid to hurl charges. Be protected those who sits for a long time on a shaky chair!

on June, 10th, environment

Day of Breakdown when the soil leaves from - under feet, old stereotypes fall and there are brilliant ideas. The heavenly emperor prefers not to participate in this chaos, it has left in pastures of Heaven to have a rest from works. In the same way it is necessary to arrive to careful people. Courageous and resolute the chance to turn the life is given.