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Annual technical survey in Tula and area should pass about 2000 small size vessels

In the city of Tula it is registered about two thousand the small size vessels which are subject to annual technical survey.

Technical supervision and control over safe operation of small size vessels spends   the State inspection on small size vessels of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on the Tula area. It has the right:
- to spend the state check in and technical survey of small size vessels;
- to spend technical supervision;
- certification of navigators;
- to impose official penalties (penalty).

What plavsredstva are subject annual   to technical survey in GIMS:

- Boats (the small size vessel with the stationary engine) with capacity of the engine to 75 l. With.;
- hydrocycles (water motorcycles);
- Motor boats (made of a tree, plastic, metal, and also inflatable boats) it is not dependent on capacity of pendant boat motors.

There are also exceptions.

-   Since 2008   annual technical survey   rowboats, kayaks, the inflatable boats belonging to physical persons and used in internal waters it is not spent, - Sergey Verhokamkin, the senior state inspector of Center GIMS of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on the Tula area has told.

What documents to take on technical survey  

1. The personal passport;
2. The ship ticket;
3. Technical   the documentation on the small size vessel (the operation manual, the certificate primary (special) technical survey).

- Annual technical survey is spent prior to the beginning of small size vessel using during the current year, as a rule, before navigation opening, - Sergey Valentinovich has explained. - it is important to specify that the state tax for it is not collected.

At annual technical survey it is checked:
- engineering specifications presence;
- immutability of basic elements of a vessel;
- a technical status of a vessel;
- equipment and equipment presence according to the established norms;
- using conditions are specified.

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