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Films of week with Stasom Tyrkinym

Night in a museum - 2

the Director - Sean Livaj

In roles: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson

* * *

the Traditional Christmas comedy horror story has given a sprout in this hot season. In the first film the security guard who has instinctively opened an ancient paternoster quickened exhibits of the Museum of natural history. In a new fulfilment action is transferred to Smitsonovsky institute that in Washington. The museum of the museums, which quantity of exhibits approaches to one and a half hundreds thousand, for a while turns to a madhouse, as well as it is necessary in comedies with participation of Stillera unceasingly exciting degree of absurdity.  

Last house at the left

the Director - Dennis Iliadis

In roles: Gerret Dillahant, Michael Bauen

* * *

Ues Krejven, the classic an awful genre forbear Freddi Kruger and other nightmares, has acted as the producer of a remake of the debut film tridtsatisemiletnej prescription. The plot about rack of the maniacs interfering in life of an exemplary family and with enthusiasm transforming it in a hell, is not new. Final turn when respectable petty bourgeoises easily turn to moral freaks more abruptly the visitors is moderately stale even. However, to the present admirers of a genre familiar turns of a plot never prevented to enjoy kinoraschlenenkoj.


the Director - Javor Gyrdev

In roles: Zachariah Baharov, Tanja Ilieva

* * *

At taken out in the name arabsko - a Turkic word two values - pitch and shit . Both substances could become visual refrains of history let out of tjurjagi the guy on a nickname the Moth (Moth) on which back naive words from the play Bitter are tattooed: the Person is sounds is proud .   the History wanders in unbounded flashbacks in its prison past, and also stories of its cellmates and stories of people who have casually met to it. They urged to show the inescapable horror disappearing behind stately communistic rituality. To get out of this web to the spectator as it is uneasy, as to the Moth to get on freedom, to the dream of runaway to tropics in obnimku with an incorrect beloved and the huge brilliant stolen at the Russian jeweller of Vladivostok Dmitrievicha Leljushkina.


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