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Krasnoyarsk photographer Alexander Kuptsov: “ the Greatest misfortune is a wild one-day tourist! “

known Krasnoyarsk photographer Alexander Kuptsovu should live throughout several weeks to a platform hanging at top of a rock of Takmak. It is an original sign on the protest: against cutting down of woods, against murder of wild bears and... Against tourists.

- the Greatest misfortune is a wild one-day tourist! - is indignant Merchants. - Here, in reserve “ Columns “ there is an improbable vandalism from August till September when pincers are not present. The tourist should leave the nature such what it was before it has come.

Idea to climb “ on a rock “ has arisen, when in Krasnoyarsk signatures under the statement in which it was offered to exterminate all bears in reserve from - for their aggressive behaviour gathered. This inadequate ultimatum has called the sharp protest Alexander...

With itself on hundred-metre height the photographer took a few things. Porridge and rudnikovaja water and #8213; it is all meal. From articles of prime necessity both #8213; a shower and a dry closet for visitors. For itself and #8213; the laptop with the Internet.

- Throughout that time that I will live here, to me there will come visitors: sportsmen, officials, friends, - the photographer - the rebel speaks. - if the visitor will come with a wine bottle, I will allocate to it tent and together we will stay the night over a city.

While Alexander Kuptsova is come to see only by journalists and rescuers. The shortest way to a rock of Takmak occupies about kilometre on foot on abrupt breakage. To reach not so it is easy! To get on a platform where there lives the photographer, it is even more difficult - not to manage without the aid of rescuers.

the FILE

Alexander Kuptsov - the known Krasnoyarsk photographer.

Age - 52 years.

By training - the architect.

From 15 years regularly rises on favourite “ Columns “.

30 years are engaged in the Photo. Participated in various photoprojects in Russia and abroad. Personal exhibitions organised to California (USA), India and Czechia.

Now opens own school of a photo “ the Siberian character “ with support of Fund of Michael Prokhorov.

Alexander Kuptsova`s Photoworks


Takmak - one of reserve rocks “ Columns “. It it is visible from many places of Krasnoyarsk.   tops at Takmaka two - them name the Big and Small head. The first attempt to take top of Takmaka concerns 1886, but North side, the ascension whence began, was beyond the power for rock-climbers of that time. A crack extending from top to bottom “ Ambries “ does a manhole by the extremely difficult and dangerous, marks in the book “ Edge of freakish rocks “ I.Beljak. Alexander Kuptsova`s tent hangs almost at top, at height of 100 metres.

Alexander Kuptsova`s Tent hangs almost at top, at height of 100 metres.
a photo: Alexander BLACK