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As to the Kirov businessmen to receive one million from the government

Almost month the area government is engaged in preferential crediting of small-scale business. The general budget of the project makes 120 500 000 roubles. Theoretically from this sum the businessmen working more of half a year, can receive to 1 000 000. But in practice it is possible not to everyone, after all conditions of the state crediting are similar to the bank:

- pledge,

- annual term of return,

- absence of debts,

- the counted business - the plan.

we have asked the Kirov businessman Nikolay Hoholkova who has recently received from the government the loan in 100 000 roubles On pluses and minuses of microcrediting.

Documents were prepared for a week

by Nikolay is engaged is wholesale - retail of collection Chinese tea. On regiments of a small little shop - about 50 grades of this product, since traditional black, green and finishing exotic white and turquoise.

- I the former frontier guard. All life has devoted to China, - the businessman tells. - and when has left from service, has decided to connect work with this country. At first was engaged in clothes, and about three years ago has passed on tea.

the Credit in hundred thousand Nikolay took on goods purchase. At the expense of it he wants to expand assortment and to reduce the prices for tea.

- First of all I was involved with percent in the governmental loan: the maximum 21 annual interest rate instead of bank 29, - is continued by Nikolay Ivanovich. - In business of crediting I the person skilled, therefore has prepared documents for one week. I will notice that any superfluous piece of paper from me did not take. As to business - the plan the separate document I did not register it. Has filled only the form with questions as I plan to develop.

But is in the project and minuses. Main - the requirement of mortgaging maintenance. If it is fair, for development it is necessary for us not 100, but 500 thousand roubles. But to receive them it is impossible, as there is nothing to put in exchange. And in a similar situation there are many businessmen. Inconveniently as well that there are no long-term credits - only for a year. However, in the conditions of crisis of bank system it is not necessary to choose, and the received means will help to keep afloat.

What to make to take the credit

1. The businessman should be registered in territory of the Kirov region, work not less half a year, and also not have debts under taxes and other obligatory payments.

2. The borrower is obliged to give estimates of incomes and expenses on current fiscal year, and also to develop business - the enterprise plan for development.

3. The maximum size of the credit - 1 000 000 roubles. The interest rate depends on a field of activity of the businessman, volume of mortgaging maintenance, presence of credit history, the purpose of crediting and other factors.

4. Maintenance of return of the received credit pledge of property in cost not less than 1/ 3 from the size of the credit and (or) guarantees of the third parties can be. For zaema to 100 000 inclusive pledge and the guarantee are not required.

5. Crediting term - till 1 year with the prolongation right.

6. The businessman after credit reception will be quarterly obliged to give the report on loan use, the accounting reporting and the report on execution of estimates of incomes and expenses.

7. In a case delays payments under the credit every day from the borrower the fine at a rate of 0,1 percent will undertake.

it is important!

the Document list for loan reception

- the statement for credit delivery;

- a substantiation of the sum of a loan;

- the inquiry from tax inspection about absence of the delayed debts, made not earlier than 3 months prior to filing of application;

- pravoustanavlivajushchie documents (the charter, the articles of incorporation, an extract from the uniform state register of legal bodies, the certificate on the state check in of the legal person, data on open settlement accounts in banks and another).

Where to be converted

the Kirov regional fund of support of small and average business: Kirov, street Industrial, 20, bodies.: (8332 25 - 55 - 23. The full list of documents and the demand form can be found here - http:// www. fndkirov. ru/