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300 roubles - for the right to indemnification?

why the inquiry for registration of indemnification of a part of cost of the ticket to border with Russia at departure abroad in agency Vertas sell for money? To issue it is business of five minutes, and there are 300 roubles!

Andrey Voronin, Syktyvkar

it is valid, that the employer has paid a part of cost of the ticket to border with Russia, it is necessary for you to give two inquiries: from tourist agency about extent of a route over our country and the inquiry on factor proceeding from which the size of indemnification will pay off. Last can be received only in the company Vertas having paid 300 roubles.

in the Most national agency of air communications Vertas - namely it is engaged in sale of air tickets and, accordingly, legalises papers, connected with flight, - as - or to comment on this situation have refused. Moreover, long futbolili correspondents from the bookkeeper to the lawyer, in commercial service

But in one of travel agencies have explained, in what a hitch:

- for today the agency " has the right to give out Such inquiries only; Vertas . Actually it is a monopolist as the only thing owns the information on factor operating at present. It constantly changes, as depends and on time of a departure (seasonal behaviours), and from extent of a route to border with Russia, influence it and other factors. On what basis they take for this service money - not clearly.

according to a source association of tourist agencies recently created in republic has put in the statement in Management of Federal antimonopoly service across Komi on agency Vertas which, in their opinion, breaks the Russian legislation and, using the developed position, makes profit of this service.

- On this fact check is now spent, necessary documents are requested, - have confirmed to us in a press - service UFAS across Komi. - by results the decision also will be accepted, to bring action against Vertasa or not.