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Milk in Saratov: As useful to make tasty

But from one only words porridge at many of us the protest put still since the childhood inside wakes up: This is with lumps and skins? I will not be! that similar rebellions did not happen and at you on kitchen, try to prepare dairy dishes on any of our recipes.

the RECIPE 1

Porridge with nuts

it is necessary: 300 ml of water, an incomplete glass of milk (200 ml), 2 items of a spoon ovsjanyh flakes, rublenye walnuts - 25 g, 1,5 items of a spoon of honey, dried apricots slices on taste, a pinch of salt, a small slice of butter, any fresh or frozen berries and branches of mint for an ornament.

we PREPARE: 1. Water it is poured in a pan and we put on fire, then we salt. 2. In boiling vodichku it is added ovsjanye flakes and we cook to readiness (5 - 7 minutes), periodically stirring slowly. 3. When porridge will thicken, we pour in in it milk and is lead up to boiling. 4. Then we add in a pan honey, butter, rublenye nuts and dried apricots slices. All components it is mixed. We remove a breakfast from fire and we allow to be drawn to steam of minutes. 5. Ready porridge it is spilt on plates, we decorate the fresh or frozen berries, leaflets of mint and we submit on a table.

the RECIPE 2

the Guryev porridge

it is necessary: 600 g cream (35 %), 200 g semolina, 100 g granulated sugar, 200 g the cleared walnuts, 250 g strawberries (or any fresh or svezhemorozhenoj berries), on 200 g a bilberry and raisin.

we PREPARE: 1. 150 g nuts it is crushed, the rest it is fried. In the same frying pan it is added     on   1   the item to a sugar and water spoon. 2. We put a frying pan on fire, stirring slowly, karamelizuem nuts. Karamelizovannye nuts and the same part of berries it is postponed for an ornament. 3. Raisin we scald boiled water and it is left for 10 minutes. 4. Cream it is poured in a wide pan and we weary in an oven at 160 degrees, there will be no yet a skin. This skin it is removed shumovkoj and it is shifted on a flat dish. In the same way we prepare four more skins. We cool them. One skin it is cut on broad bands. 5. In the remained hot cream, continuously stirring slowly, we enter to a decoy and other sugar, we salt. We cook to readiness decoys. 6. The cut skin, raisin, rublenye nuts it is entered into porridge and it is stirred. 7. The form for a pudding we grease with butter. On a bottom we spread a layer of porridge and it is stamped. Then - a layer of nuts and berries, from above we spread one more skin. Again - porridge, a layer of nuts and berries, a skin and etc. 8. Last layer of porridge we fall asleep granulated sugar. 9. We bake in an oven at 170 degrees before caramel education on a surface. 10. Ready porridge it is taken out from an oven, the form it is overturned on a dish, we decorate berries and nuts.


Milk will not burn, if on a pan bottom to add a few waters. The burnt milk can to try be rescued from an unpleasant smell if at once to pour   in another   ware and more time to finish   before boiling. Not to receive a surprise in the form of the milk curtailed directly in a dish, we advise at first to check up it on freshness. For this purpose pour a few product in a table spoon and take over fire. Sour milk will be curtailed at once. Started to turn sour milk can be reanimated, podsypav in it there is some soda. But this way approaches only at the earliest stages prokisanija. That milk has fast turned to curdled milk, put in it a table spoon of sour cream or kefir.