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Beer Patrol has passed on streets of Tula

In Day of protection of children in Tula   have passed public control spot-checks Beer Patrol .

-   the Purpose patrol to remind sellers that they bear   responsibility for alcohol sale   to children and the teenagers who have not reached majority, - organizers have explained.
in numbers patrol have risen   the Chairman of committee on human rights of Public Chamber of the Tula area Vladimir Utkin, representatives of department of the Tula area on the youth policy, the head of a regional staff of the All-Russia public organisation Young Guards an United Russia Alexander Rem, the head of youth theatre - studios Risk Gennady Krestjankin, members of the Tula club of fans of the beer, popular Tula musicians: the leader of group the Raven of Kutha Dmitry Mulygin and the organizer of the project City jazz - club Stanislav Danshin, the employee of the Tula regional branch   the All-Russia public organisation the Geneva cross Olga Dubrovsky, employees of the Center on struggle against offences in sphere of the consumer market and to execution of the administrative legislation of the Department of Internal Affairs on the Tula area, and also representatives of the company Baltic .

to Sellers who observe the law and have not sold to little girls beer Beer patrol has handed over gifts.
a photo: Yury Katunina

the Role stool pigeons have executed   two 16 - summer schoolgirls. Little girls tried to get beer in 10 shops on the central city streets. Twice attempts have crowned by success : in large shop and in tent at stopping pavilion. Sellers simply have not paid attention to age of those who costs on other party of a counter. Police officers of public security directly on a place in the presence of the patrol have made reports on an administrative offence. Owners of these shops should pay the penalty. In other trading institutions sellers demanded at once from girls the passport.

Participants Beer Patrol not only reminded sellers of norms of the law which forbids sale of beer to teenagers, but also left in shops a sticker Is 18? Confirm! .

- Beer patrol the extremely timely action, - has shared opinion Natalia Zavisnova,   The adviser of department of regional programs and public initiatives of department of the Tula area for the youth policy. - I am engaged in preventive maintenance of dependences at minors, and as well as possible I understand that with harm it is necessary to struggle. First of all, it is impossible to transgression. The main thing that sellers, as they say, were in good shape and remembered responsibility.

- It is sad that   some sellers shut eyes to age of buyers, - Gennady Krestjankin, the head of the Tula youth theatre - studios " speaks; Risk . - And after all dealers at have children! Each adult is simply obliged   to stop the teenager choosing production not on age.   and youth I wish to be engaged in interesting business as my pupils, for example, then also time for nonsenses does not remain.