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On game at Dibrova our fellow countryman has broken an armchair from passion!

who did not dream to win three million roubles? And if also on a TV set will show - on a broader scale beauty! Nikolay Turkin, the inhabitant of village Red Gora Ust - Vymsky area, on Saturday it was lighted on the main channel of the country - the First broadcast game Who wants to become the millionaire? which record passed on March, 25th. Nikolay has told that occurred behind side scenes the known program.

Game Who wants to become the millionaire? Nikolay looks already very much for a long time, and extremely seldom is mistaken, responding to complicated questions. But the dream to get on teleshow after selection questions has come true just now. Nikolay`s pleasures were not a limit!

Prior to the beginning of show even it was possible to Nikolay tet - and - tet to talk with conducting games - Dmitry Dibrovym.
- Well, on different subjects spoke, we with it from one generation practically, - Nikolay tells. - I - 1961 year of birth, and it - 59 - go. I to it have told: At you a hairdress same what at me was in 79 - m to year .

For half an hour before game of all participants in a small room editors adjusted: a pier, not be clamped tell about itself, pass greetings. Even did not forbid to use foul language! A pier if will slip not standard the mot - is not terrible, as a result all the same we will cover with a sound.

Nikolay, without hesitating, has hastened to use this advice. No, he, of course, did not use foul language, but greetings in an objective of videocameras have passed Vladimir Putin. And at the same time has asked money for a new rural gas boiler-house where works as the operator. However, these fragments then cut out at installation, in an aether, much to regret of our player, they have not gone.
- I live in small village the Red Mount, there only 29 houses and 29 inhabitants, - sitting in a treasured armchair, Turkin was presented.
- oh - oh - oh - oh! - Dibrov artistically was surprised. Also has decided to hook Nikolay a question:
- you, likely, drink?
- on feasts only, - has unperturbably born blow our fellow countryman.

some fragments made a copy several times - for example, it was necessary to wave correctly with a hand in the beginning and in the end of game. Once again shooting have stopped, when under Nikolay the armchair has broken! He so was stirred, so has grown exited that incessantly fidgeted on a seat, and here on you! But a chair have replaced quickly, and all has gone the turn. As a result, having responded on 5 - 6 questions and having used all three helps, Nikolay has decided to take away 25 thousand roubles. The complicated question about a planet Venus has appeared to our fellow countryman not on a shoulder.

And here after all paradox! To go in Pervoprestolnuju on show, Nikolay has occupied from relatives just 25 thousand! But as the favourite son, the husband and the father now a star of the Russian scale already all have forgiven to it.

- the Felling for a bath I will put, - Nikolay has shared plans, - for all the advantage will be!

the millionaire Half-Jansky yet was bypassed by anybody!

At our fellow countrymen, dreaming to win in various teleshows, there is an example to which it is possible and it is necessary to aspire. She is the big intellectual and the old participant of game What? Where? When? syktyvkarka Jeanne Poljansky. It, playing for the command of televiewers and sending the tricky questions in an intellectual casino, some years ago became the owner of the main prize - a crystal owl. And at the same time - and one million roubles. Experts ours zemljachku obviously are rather afraid. Its questions cannot rasshchelkat even such bisons of game, as Alexander Druz or Boris Burda! Here and in the beginning of this year the question Half-Jansky has again nonplused experts. As a result syktyvkarka has earned the mind of 40 thousand roubles more.