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One of these days deputies of the State Duma in the second reading have considered the new bill. According to it from next year instead of the Uniform social tax it will be necessary to pay insurance payments in funds medical and social insurance, a pension fund. Total payments from the present 26 percent thus will grow, which employers pay now, to 34 percent from salaries of workers. In the government, truth, calm that the tariff rate will increase only since 2011 that transition to new system of insurance payments has not struck so strongly on business.

However, in whatever year the new system has started to operate, people discuss it already now. The people first of all stir, how it will be reflected in salaries.

- One business state employees - to it the government periodically lifts the salary, extra charges different promise. And what to do to workers of the commercial enterprises? If chiefs have to pay more taxes to us it is not necessary to count some more years on increase of salaries - it will be unprofitable to them. And life - that rises in price! - our readers are indignant.

Under the new law it is supposed to establish limiting size of the salary from which the tax is paid is 415 thousand roubles a year. Everything that more than this sum, is not assessed with the tax. So authors of the law want to struggle with low salaries that is if do not want to pay heavy taxes - increase salaries. But if for the large enterprises it is still real, for small which in the same Blagoveshchensk enough - are not present. To private traders and as - that it is necessary to be kept afloat, therefore increase in taxes by it it is too expensive .

is there will be an additional loading on employers, and will lead to returning of salaries in envelopes, - has expressed the opinion the bookkeeper of one of the commercial organisations of Blagoveshchensk.

By the way, this opinion other our respondents divide also.

- Now we try to leave from the grey salary and it will turn out to the contrary. Heads should pay more, will want to leave from taxes and will start to give out money in envelopes, - the vice-president of Federation of trade unions of the Amur region Sergey Kondratyuk considers. - from it can suffer and provision of pensions. After all businessmen can establish the minimum salary and from it to deduct 34 percent. And it will be a little.

Though this reform just for increase in pensions is started. The pension fund does not have not enough own incomes on payment of pensions and grants, and after all the government promises them to raise. On the one hand it is possible to understand old men to whom the worthy pension is necessary. With another - working people do not reflect on pension prospects. To pay for a communal flat credits and etc. it is necessary to them now, and salaries and so not always suffices.

Opinion of the deputy

the Society is not ready to pay such taxes

Ivan Abramov, the chairman of committee concerning economy, multi-region, foreign economic relations and the property of area of Legislative Assembly of the Amur region:

- When something raise, there is a return reaction. People will adapt, something to hide, hide. It is possible though absolute taxes to impose everything, but will not pay.   our society is not ready to paying heavy taxes.

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