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In Krasnoyarsk to Max Pokrovsky have not sold beer

this Saturday, on July, 18th, on Rest island has passed traditional, fallen in love to many Krasnoyarsk citizens “ beer and kvass Festival “. This year for fate - tuse has gathered more than 50 thousand townspeople.

Visitors of festival entertained various competitions. While groups of people competed, drawing a rope, on a scene acted known Krasnoyarsk di - dzhej Santiago. Lighted crowd and various Krasnoyarsk commands - from fate - groups “ the Ozone layer “ to a jazz - bands. For especially inquisitive near to a scene free of charge passed excursions in a museum - tent of a foamy drink. Here there were even photos of pictures of 19 centuries. Guides told to visitors about stories of occurrence of beer.

“ Ljapis Trubetsky “ It is ready to act on children`s morning performance for a fifty-kopeck piece

But most of all Krasnoyarsk citizens, of course, waited hed - festival liners - groups “ Ljapis Trubetsky “ and “ the Foot has reduced “. The first on a scene left “ Ljapisy “. But before it children had time to chat with journalists.

- Sergey (vocal), what do you think of “ beer “ to festivals?

- At us in group anybody never hid that at all of us anarchical enough and paradoxical outlook. There is nothing good in interdictions! Someone thinks that from - for legalizovannosti beer our modern youth is reprobate. Ostensibly, only from - for it they do not read Gogol, Platonova and are not familiar with drevne - the Greek epos. I personally drink from 15 years!

- And what drink?

- we Drink beer. We prefer ambroziju, certainly (laugh). Well and basically mixtures different we drink. For cough.

- Instead of would like to write a song about Siberia?

- Certainly! Issue the demand in the Russian Open Society and list a down payment. Specify particularly surnames which will need to be mentioned. For 50 roubles we will write a song (laugh). On a broader scale, we act one of these days births of children, on anniversaries of grandmothers. We sing on silver and golden weddings. Anything sacred!

With such positive mood musicians have run out on a scene. Well and at this time in a T-shirt “ beer patrol “ in crowd of spectators ran salts groups “ the Foot has reduced “ Max Pokrovsky.

Max Pokrovsky asked the seller to sell to it beer

the Musician watched that the minor did not sell beer. And even itself has decided to check up, rules of sale of alcohol are how much effective.

- It is possible a can of beer? To me 18 years in some days will be executed!

- Is not present, excuse. Beer to persons, is more younger 18 years, we do not sell. Take kvass.

- the Girl, yes to me of all kruzhechku! Well I look on 18...

in general, and it was not possible to Maxim to persuade the basic seller of beer. And has run out on a scene, without having tried a foamy drink. “ a foot has reduced “ have sung the most popular songs. It have got crowd of exulting fans that is called, about a floor - a turn.

“ beer and kvass Festival “ in Krasnoyarsk passes annually, beginning still with 95 - go year. Each time action becomes more cultural. This year any incidents at festival it has not been noted. And nevertheless, on the area some ambulance cars, " were on duty; pozharka “ and hundreds militiamen. Dispersing, the people cheerfully sang known “ haru mamburu “.