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In Sverdlovsk area the girl has killed a lightning

in the Evening 14 - go July in the city of Tavda the strongest thunder-storm raged. And for some it has not passed completely - from a lightning stroke was lost 15 - the summer girl. Hearings about one more lost in this thunder-storm, but, fortunately, went they and remained hearings.
Lena with the girlfriend that day have decided to walk on a city. Having heard that the thunder-storm begins, have run home. And in several metres from an entrance Lena has come in a pool. During the same moment has struck lightnings. The girl has received the category of a current about 100 thousand volt.

the call to the fast has entered 20. 33. The arrived physicians at first ascertained: clinical death. Resuscitation has not helped. The Office of Public Prosecutor, however the spent judicial medical examination was engaged in business has proved: the death has come out defeat by a current. The pool in which Lena has come casually became the guide of a lightning.

in a family Laurel this death not the first. From four children three were lost already: The brother of Lena has sunk at the age of 11 years, the sister in 13 years has died of heart attack during game in a court yard. In death of one more daughter parents did not believe until the judicial conclusion has come.