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The first proof of that Nejl Armstrong was on the Moon

Mess with the photos made during the first expedition of Americans on the Moon 40 years ago, has begun at once after disembarkation. Already on July, 21st, 1969   all leading newspapers of the USA left with historical   pictures . On them the person in a survival suit went down on a short flight of stairs on a surface. And signatures said that it is Nejl Armstrong is going to take the first step on the Moon.

It is Oldrin. In 1969 all newspapers have written that it is Armstrong

Actually, the photo has embodied Bazza Oldrina. Nejl Armstrong photographed it, already having gone down and   having stepped Small step for the person, but huge   jump for mankind .

Zanjatno, but to huge jump preceded small -   approximately on metre downwards: the short flight of stairs did not get to a surface of the Moon and astronauts had to come off it.

the Photo on which Nejl Armstrong would appear, time - two and obchelsja.   Because the Buzz practically did not take in hands the chamber, that to click the colleague.   and you will not believe, even among few available pictures, there are no on what it would be visible that on the Moon Nejl, instead of a simply certain person in a survival suit is exact.

And here by an anniversary of expedition Apollo - 11 NASA has published really convincing photo. On it behind helmet glass Armstrong`s person distinctly enough is visible. However, this shot was made not by Oldrin, and a television camera established on the landing module. Nowadays record have processed, having improved quality, and have selected separate shots.

Armstrong is removed while it collected samples of lunar breed on July, 20th, 1969.

And here it - precisely Armstrong. His face is well distinguishable - with Oldrinom not to confuse

Armstrong`s Person close up