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What to give native and to friends

it would Seem, in such situation is better to present money that the hero of the festivities himself has decided that it has more on taste, however such a souvenir many consider inappropriate. The gift certificate of one of trading networks? Already better, but it nevertheless considerably limits a freedom in choosing of its owner. And what if to present the savings certificate on which with ease it is possible to receive money for the further purchases or to transfer them into account, having begun own stabilisation fund?

Even those who willingly uses the Savings Bank of Russia, do not suspect more often about presence of its arsenal of such product, as the savings certificate. And meanwhile it is rather convenient and simple in circulation the tool for storage of means and reception of the additional income. The tool capable including to serve as an excellent gift on birthday, wedding or anniversary.

So, what it from itself(himself) represents? The savings certificate of the Savings Bank of Russia is a security which certifies the sum of the contribution brought in bank, and the right of the investor (the holder of the certificate) to reception after a target date of the sum of the contribution and the percent caused in the certificate in the bank which has given out the certificate, or in any branch of this bank. Use of certificates as gifts is contributed by one their important property - the given papers are securities to bearer. On the savings certificate it is not underlined any data about its owner, and cession of rights on it does not demand any special procedures or registration of powers of attorney. Simply enough to hand over the certificate to its new owner. By security transfer it is necessary to consider that the savings certificate cannot minister the settlement or payment document for the given works and the rendered services.

that fact concerns number of doubtless advantages of savings certificates also that without dependence from a place of their delivery they are accepted for payment in any authorised division of the Savings Bank of Russia of Open Society in all territory of the Russian Federation. So to use the gift your relatives without problems will manage as in a residence, and being in other city on rest or on a visit.

If you still had any doubts or questions to dispel the first and receive answers to the second you can by phones is information - help service of Bank: (812)   329 - 29 - 29, 8 - 800 - 333 - 00 - 88 (a call free), Managements of securities (812 329 - 86 - 53 or on a bank site www. szb. sbrf. ru.

Present the savings certificate of the Savings Bank of Russia to itself or the relatives!

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