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Today bury the mayor of Minusinsk Anatoly Kekina

the Crowd was built at a building of administration of Minusinsk. Here say goodbye to mayor Anatoly Kekinym who was lost during fishing in Tourist`s Uhansky area. People cry, on hiding emotions. They very much loved the mayor...

- Till now it is not believed that it has occurred, - Inna Urakova, the inhabitant of Minusinsk sighs. - we to the last thought that it is a performance any. After all upon his life already attempted earlier. Simply it is not believed that he, authority on the past, has died here simply so. On fishing.

we Will remind, on June, 27th Kekin together with the friend fished on Yenisei in Tourist`s Uhansky area. When their motor boat has decayed, it has incurred a current. Anatoly Kekin, possibly, wanted to escape and has jumped out for a boat board. Rescuers searched for the head of Minusinsk three weeks. And its inhabitants of settlement have found the Pine forest.

On an official site of administration of Minusinsk do not hurry yet to change a photo of the mayor. Date to which will appoint elections of the new mayor, is not defined yet. Now duties of the town governor are carried out by Michael Zenchenko, the vice-president of a Minusinsk municipal duma.