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Trotuarnaja tile: Put it correctly

not important, what path you prefer: executed from the big flat stone layers, or simulating cuts of different trees, or a cobblestone road. The main thing - correctly to lay out it.

If you have decided to make it own forces, remember that at seeming simplicity of process technology strict observance is required.

-   First of all it is necessary to define, where particularly you want to see a path.

-   Think over, in what party there will be a bias of a drain of water.

-   Remove a fertile layer of earth - approximately 20 see

-   For a simple path which is laid on an equal platform, will approach shchebenochnaja or gravijno - a sandy pillow (gravel - 12 - 15 sm, a levelling layer of sand - 4ρμ).

  For more difficult conditions   it is provided peschano - the cement basis (100 - 150 kg of cement on 1 cubic Sand m, height peschano - a cement mix should be not less than 3 - 4 sm).

Each layer of a pillow should be carefully vyravnen and is stamped by means of manual or vibrotrambovki. Last layer of the basis is necessary for watering carefully   and only through 2 - 3 hours (in a sunny day) or next day (in cloudy weather) to start alignment.

For absolutely difficult ground (for example, places where water quite often accumulates) more thorough pillow is required. The ground becomes covered by a concrete layer in the thickness of 80 mm. Then it is cement - sandy   a moist mix of 40 mm.

At “ Extreme “ to operation (will tell if it is necessary that the tile maintained cargo of the truck or a heavy jeep) a basis ministers   the reinforced concrete coupler on which the layer of a solution of 15 mm is put in the thickness.

-   After pillow manufacturing spread out about 1 sq. Tile m to have full idea about drawing.

-   Pull a cord on edge of a tile and lay out on it the first row.

-   Stack trotuarnuju a tile:

            - in a direction from itself not to attack the stamped surface;

            - on a diagonal to receive the most exact drawing;

            - leave backlashes 2 - 10 mm.

-   If trotuarnaja the tile has laid down roughly, accurately masterkom enclose under it sand and level again.

-   After end of works nasypte on a tile peschano - a cement mix (8:1) and carefully prometite all seams.

-   From a hose with a spray humidify a mix in backlashes that it has hardened. The mix rests smojte water. If will find out empty seams procedure is necessary for repeating.

do not make packing trotuarnoj a tile in rainy weather!